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Jul 2 2009 Anchor

I might be the last horse on this one but play have also added a date for this.

Due for release on 25/06/2010

Since it's been released on consoles as well i'm hoping we pc gamers don't get flogged a console port.

Jul 13 2009 Anchor

Yeah that would be fairly awful if they did.

I'm seriously falling behind in new realeases, I'm generally stuck in the bargain pc games section. Need to do some catching up!

Jul 14 2009 Anchor

I don't really follow the new releases but when it comes to a game like Crysis which i did enjoy then i tend to watch out for release dates on sequels.

Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 are about the only other non released game that i could think of. (Might be a gaming sin but i never took to starcraft)

Aug 2 2009 Anchor

I'm still on Diablo 1 :P

Sep 29 2009 Anchor

I remeber playing that on when i first came out, probably one of the all time best games.

Don't forget it has an expansion for the extra bit of hack and slash.

Oct 2 2009 Anchor

Yeah, it really just sucks you in.

Oct 2 2009 Anchor

Give NOX a shot, diablo clone but still good.

Oct 19 2009 Anchor

Will do, is it free?

Cavan side in me coming out :P

Oct 19 2009 Anchor

Might be free, well i doubt it unless EA allows abandonware snce they no longer support it in any way.
NoxForum for more info and they are working on a 2nd 3d(ish) version.

Moddb link.

Nov 1 2009 Anchor

Nice one, cheers!Any games you're focusing on at the moment?

Nov 1 2009 Anchor

Not really been playing pc games at the moment, messing with the Wii and uncharted 2.
Next on my list to get is Dragon Age and Modern warefare 2, both for pc.

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