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The Team Fortress 2 Indie Rumble! was put together to provide independent video game developers an organized, casual yet still competitive environment to play TF2.

With the help and support of ModDB, we hope to bring developers closer together by arming each and every one of them with a baseball bat, axe, bonesaw or other bludgeoning tool, tossing them in a closed arena and encouraging them to duke it out.

The Indie Rumble! is invitation-only. We would like to get 16 teams involved for Season Zero of the league.

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Join indie and mod devs on our pub servers for a little fun!

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Mark your calendars boys and girls, the Indie Rumble! kicks off this Sunday at 3:30pm Eastern (UTC -0400). We will be posting the details of the event and announcing the two participants to this weekend's trial match later this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. If you aren't already, you should be watching this group.

You'll also be seeing a lot of changes to the group's profile over the next few days. We're slowly perfecting the profile's layout and design and adding information like schedules and rules. We just finished embedding the players that you will use to watch the event (click the broadcast link at the top of the profile). We're going to be testing the stream a few more times, if you're lucky (or unlucky) enough, you might catch us (not really "us", more like Chris Schetter) doing some wacky (zany?) things on air (at least, I hope)(pray that he's wearing pants)(that is all).

On a side note, we're slowly opening the doors to a few public TF2 servers. Join us for a little fun, you never know which developer you'll have the chance to beat up in game (but when you do, be sure to brag about it)!

» North America
Name: ModDB's Indie Rumble! [DAL Pub #1]
Port: 27015
Slots: 24
Location: Dallas, TX.
Link: Connect

» Europe
Name: ModDB's Indie Rumble! [LON Pub #1]
Port: 27015
Slots: 24
Location: London, UK.
Link: Connect

A big thanks to Trinity Gaming for providing over 10 massively powerful TF2 servers for the Indie Rumble!

Trinity Gaming

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