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Just how much content is in Boot Hill Bounties? How long is the game? This DevBlog Friday we count it all up

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Some time ago I made the braggadocious claim that Boot Hill Bounties was one of the largest 2D RPGs ever made. Not that having a lot of content necessarily makes for a good game, but I do think this is something I want to celebrate.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 10 31 57 84 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

But how do you define how big a game is? The hours it takes to complete? I don’t think so. So far, estimates are between 20-30 hours. I wanted to deliver fresh content at a rapid pace to the player. For example, you almost never fight the exact same battle twice.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 10 30 36 67 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

So how can we define the size of the content. Here are a few metrics to consider.

(Note: These are rough estimates. I tried to be fair and accurate but I may be off in some cases.)

Word Count = 110,000 – This is the total word count of the script including extraneous content from the newspaper and item descriptions. For a good comparison, according to this site Final Fantasy 3/6 has 43,000 words and Final Fantasy 10 has a comparable 110,000 words.

Characters = 350 – Basically a rough estimate of the number residents in Bronco County. I tried not to include farm animals here.

Locations = 250 – These are the “rooms” in the game including an exterior room like a forest of the town of Swellsville.

Enemies – 250. This doesn’t include enemies from Boot Hill Heroes but it does include any palette swaps and also same species enemies like these three pigs here.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 11 44 02 22 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

Vantages = 250 – Vantages are the various actions you can do in battle and each have their own animation as well. These vantages do include those from Boot Hill Heroes, so there are probably 150 new Vantages. The player characters themselves learn about 150 of these vantages.

Items = 400 – All weapons, armor, treasure, food, etc. This includes anything Boot Hill Heroes as well but probably 300 or so items are new.

We can further break down items:

Weapons = 100
Food = 50
Armor = 40
Hats = 35
Trappings = 40
Treasures = 70
Ingredients = 19
Reagents = 28
Despite all this content, Boot Hill Bounties is not an extremely long RPG. I don’t think players want to invest hundreds of hours into a game like this these days. Some games are built to be played for countless hours, others are meant to deliver a great experience in a short spurt. This is the latter.

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 10 29 56 29 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

That wraps up this week. Only two weeks left before release. Are you ready?

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 10 29 27 44 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

Boot Hill Bounties 2017 11 13 10 29 20 86 Corral Countdown 11: Game Scope and Pacing

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