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Post tutorial RSS How to make a simple, generic grass texture in GIMP

A quick tutorial how to create a simple, primitive grass texture from scratch.

Posted by on - Basic Textures

A quick tutorial how to create a simple, primitive generic grass texture from scratch.

1. Create a new image

2. Fill it with a dark green color

3. Choose Filters -> Noise -> HSV Noise

4. then Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur, set its Blur Radius (Horizontal & Vertical) to 1.0

5. Filters -> Distorts -> Wind, you can customise it to suit your needs, here: Threshold: 20, Strength: 10

6. Image -> Transform -> Rotate 90° counter-clockwise

7. Filters -> Map -> Make Seamless

8. Colors -> Brightness-Contrast, you may customise it as you wish, here Brightness -30, Contrast 40

And yep, that's all. As in the case of this tutorial Moddb.com this texture is a bit repetitive and generic as well as somewhat blurred, that's why it always comes in handy to customise effects and change this rigified procedure of creating grass textures in such a way so as to suit your own needs (you need to 'mod' tutorial steps a bit and see how it works out).

How it looks in-game: Media.moddb.com

This grass texture was made specifically for RTS games. To make it look better you may probably need to tweak/customise GIMP effects.


Wow, great result for those less steps! Great work (:

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Nice one. I can make grass now xD

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this "grass" looks funny

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

As said in the tutorial, "a simple, primitive grass texture". It hardly looks like grass, it's so generic and jumbled lol.

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I'm sorry but it's look kind a lame. It's not so much harder to make decent photo texture instead :|

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Thanks. Works Great

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Pretty amazing tutorial.

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Fantastic! From step 2 it's already pretty great actually, it's great for long-distance cameras like in strategy games, and all the way to step 8 for closer shots

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