this is a group, (like the tank and aircraft lovers) is dedicated to the IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) like the BMP-2 the M2A2 bradly and so on and so forth, from made up to real life, and anything in between. from treads to wheels to hover, this is for all you people who enjoy those rumbling rolling armored vehicles, that when on the target drop their ramps to emit a large group of infantry. (header image done by vlado32).

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Global Storm v0.3.5 has been released. This is a small update to a great mod.

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Global Storm v0.3.5

- "Global Storm" is simple mod with aim to improve original "Battlefield 2" v1.5 with semi-realistic
gaming style.

- This new version brings improved sprint animations for Primary weapons.
Better FoV in tanks and BMP-3 (This new FoV looks better on Widescreen resolutions).

Global Storm v0.3.5 Global Storm v0.3.5

Three new weapons models:

H&K MP5 with reflex sight, QBZ95 with reflex sight, AK-74M with kobra sight.

MP5 reflex sight QBZ95 Reflex sight

USMC now gets new MARPAT desert and woodland camo.

New Desert camo for USMC New Woodland camo for USMC

- This Download doesn't include maps, so be sure to download "Single Player 16/32/64 map sizes"
in order to play the mod.

*New "reflex sight" is made by "Emiliomau". *New USMC camo is made by ""InsanityPays".


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