this is a group, (like the tank and aircraft lovers) is dedicated to the IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) like the BMP-2 the M2A2 bradly and so on and so forth, from made up to real life, and anything in between. from treads to wheels to hover, this is for all you people who enjoy those rumbling rolling armored vehicles, that when on the target drop their ramps to emit a large group of infantry. (header image done by vlado32).

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The Curious Case of "Azovets"
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Its indicative of their shortage on material and heavy losses, and like most improvised vehicles i wouldnt put too much faith into it.

However it is made by a former chief engineer of both the malyshev and kharkov tank plants and that does sound better than a bunch of grunts with welding torches.

I have heard however that the azovet is "only" 40 tonnes while the namer is closer to 60.

I'd seriously doubt its ability to tank rival mbt shells but two twin-barrelled GSh-23's are not to be messed with.

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"I'd seriously doubt its ability to tank rival mbt shells "

I think this is valid for every vehicle. If you get hit by modern tank shell at the range of under 2 km you are done for. Also those portable ATGMs one hit everything at ranges up to 5 km away... if they hit it. Not to mention the even cheaper 'tandem' type shoulder-launched grenades which are bane of every tank in urban or other areas where there is plenty of cover for the infantry. Modern weapons are overkill for every armor there is, the best way to survive is to not get hit, which will push tactics and maneuverability as the preferred method of warfare in the modern and future war scenarios. Been a tanker nowadays must be god awful, I'd rather take my chances on foot =)

p.s. - here is a video I found on this 'Azovets' thing

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BMPT made in Maus style.

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It looks cool, though I certainly would not want to ride in one of them on the battlefield...

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There is a common joke about it...

Anyway, lets hope this armored vehicle will save alot of lives...

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By March 2016 the Ukrainian military had begun testing its new weapon which was designed by National Guard grunts. Ukraine’s Azov Regiment has announced that its newest creation – an 'innovative tank' called the ‘Azovets’ – was undergoing a series of tests in order to assess its capabilities.

"Azov’s tank crewmen are ready to start working with the Azovets experimental armored fighting vehicle. It is a unique vehicle designed first and foremost for urban combat," a statement posted on the regiment’s official website said.

The Azovets has a crew complement of four and despite being called a tank, is armed with two twin-linked autocannons and guided anti-tank missile launchers of an as-yet unspecified type. Furthermore, the Azovets' creators claim that their vehicle’s formidable defensive capabilities make it virtually impervious to all types of anti-tank weaponry in existence.


Now the most interesting information. According from the articles in the latest homeland military journals; the "man from Azov" militia prototype combat vehicle was to be designed into a form of a "super IFV". Capable of holding almost 12 combat-ready men and having enough protection to withstand several MBT fires. With such amount of protection via an overload of Nozh+Duplex ERA combo, visibility is to be provided through inbuilt cameras only i.e. no actually sights present. The realiability and effectivness of this relatively new project is put into heavy doubt, as the weight and actual production cost of the machine even outweights the IDF's Namer heavy APC. With soo much hexogen in place as part of the protection suite, it is sarcastically thought that a single round fired against the Azovets would essentially turn it into an involuntarily super VBIED.

Couldn't find better resolution photos, any thoughts on this one, guys and girls? :)

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