This is a group for all ID Tech 4 engine modders. Whether your modding forte is Prey, Doom 3, Quake 4 or all of them, we welcome you. Also, we will accept you no matter your modding skill. Even if changing the clip-size of your weapons seems difficult, then feel free to join up and we'll try and help you with it as best we can. This is a place for ID Tech 4 modders to hang out, chat, help each other out or post their latest work, even if its a very rough alpha they only want fellow modders experimenting with. We may accept people with no mods out if they are willing to learn, or have a WIP. Happy modding, Adam

Post news Report RSS Rivensin 0.9.80 & The Doom Marine Addon Released!

The latest build of Rivensin is now up to download for Windows 32-bit, 64-bit & Linux. It contains many bug fixes, uncapped frames, & much more.

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Today sees the release of a new build, an addon pack, and updated source codes for Rivensin. Build 0.9.80 replaces the previous the build entirely. This is due to the last build containing some game crashing bugs, and the updated Dhewm3 1.5.00 release bundled with it. The previously released hotfix is no longer needed and has been removed to download.

+Updated to the final version of Dhewm 3 1.5.0
+Option to turn on uncapped frames added.
+Better support for high DPI displays
+Updated Effects & Visuals for Plasma gun, and BFG
+New Grenade Launcher model & textures
+Fixed numerous movable object clipping issues in Lost Facility maps.
+Fixed movable object clipping issues in Pinion and Sanctified maps
+Empty shells now eject from weapons when fired.
+Fixed loading save games crashes
+Many misc bug fixes and tweaks
+Fixed missing splash damage for Plasma Gun and missing knock back.
+Improved pistol aiming and firing animations
+fixed crosshair jitters while using the machine gun, assault rifle and grenade launcher.

A detailed list of changes can be found inside the Documents folder of the Game.

Online Read Me and install Guide Link:
Install guide & read Me file


Rivensin & Dhewm 3 Windows 64-bit package:

Rivensin & Dhewm 3 Windows 32-bit package:

Dhewm 3 1.5 & supported mods for Linux:


Untitled 1

The Doom Marine addon pack is available for download. This small addon will replace Scarlet with the Doom Marine from HardQore 2. Along with a new player model, he includes 3 updated weapons. The Chainsaw Gauntlet replaces the sword, The Flame Thrower replaces the pyrokinetic spell and the Grabber replaces Levitation. Other small changes are included in the addon such as weapons names in the main menu options, adjusted player animations for the different model.

If you have any issues running the mod or questions please feel free to ask in our forums or in the comments section below. Once again a huge thanks to everyone for their support over the years and the Dhewm 3 team helping with the porting process & bug fixes. Merry Christmas!

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