This is a group for everyone who likes our beautiful country and/or anything related to it. Here we develop mods and talk about games and gaming in general, current situation in Croatia and latest happenings. This group is dedicated for all Homeland Defenders, expecially those who have fallen bravely in Homeland War ( Domovinski Rat 1991.-1995.) in the name of Croatia, its people and freedom. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. Rest in peace for eternity, fallen heroes of Croatia! NAVIK ON ŽIVI KI ZGINE POŠTENO!

Vozilo za brze intervencije (view original)

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Nadam se da ovo ne shvaćate ozbiljno. Samo demonstriram i ujedno testiram svoje 3D Max renderske vještine - lol.
Još jednom ovo je samo šala.

Model, teksture, i bla bla bla sam ja radio.
RobertoCro mi je dao uzorak kamuflaže HV-a, hvala.