seriously, theres barely any good Horror-Mods, and there should be. this, in short, is a group for all the gamers who feel left out of the mod-playing communities just because its hard to make or find something scary. If you think there should be more horror mods out there, or just Love horror mods, feel free to join :D

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Announcing Triptych, a Lovecraftian horror/mystery told within the confines of a Cryengine2 modification.

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After the success of The Worry of Newport, I am entering the Lovecraftian arena in Cryengine 2 again and am formulating a very polished experience. For anyone at all who is interested in alternative modding, or even just a sad narrative with highly detailed visuals, should stay tuned as an early release is planned. Triptych promises to achieve a higher emotional depth than any prior projects, whilst increasing detail tenfold over prior projects.

Design Philosophy

Triptych is utilizing Cryengine 2 to its fullest, with massive 4096x4096 polished terrains composing of two of the three chapters. Likewise, each chapter is maximized in detail and atmosphere, with no compromising being given to lighting or proper immersion. However, optimization learned from Dark Craft's last project, TWON, will be increased further to allow for lower end machines to still fully enjoy Triptych.

More community assets are being employed as well as a lot of intricate soundscape design from, a newly discovered territory for us as a team to employ monster sounds, distant effects, ambiance, and even freely and publicly licensed music to cover our narrations.

The story is going to be very minimalist, with notions of cosmic horror, impending doom, and vast vistas of ethereal/dream world elements. At its core, Triptych concerns three chapters of a mans life. How he came to be in the occult, his greatest achievement in finding an ancient city in Iran, and his potential death at an elderly age in a frozen Yuletide village in Europe. His secrets, backstories, and woes will be documented by both sparse narrations and diary pages.
Triptych will be released all at once with each chapter's end loading the next. As well as, Triptych will have:

  • Full save system support for playing when you want to
  • Checkpoints
  • Intricately designed puzzles
  • A better designed book reading system
  • More realistic terrains incorporating vast countrysides
  • A more mature, better written story

Release date will be December 25th, 2011.


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Looks and sounds nice, although the screenshots in this newspost are blurry. (Yay for the images tab)

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C-zom Author

Yeah, sorry about that. Good thing the images tab works fine and has all of them except the last. .jpg is a horrible enemy of man.

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"After the success of The Worry of Newport, I am entering the Lovecraftian arena in Cryengine 2 again..."


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