This Mandalorians group is dedicated to the Star Wars Roleplay of Mod DB, the reason for its existence is to prevent clutter with its parent Mandalorian group. Application for this group counts as an application for the Star Wars Roleplay, roleplaying is not required however.

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Neo Auxilia
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from the very show that destroyed the mandalorians. You used to be warlike during the clone wars but Dave FAILoni turned you into pussies. I would think that if you were truly fandalorians you'd hate this show as much as I do.

This show actually caused Karen Traviss to leave the franchise, It was her that defined what it was to be a Mandalorian and this show destroyed it. I hate this show and the people that like it, you people have no clue how much it has destroyed this franchise. I have never harbored this much pure hatred for anything in my entire life.

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Ori`verda Author

My friend have you even read the description or has your radar alerted you to just this image?

It was either this image or the image of the Old Republic senate. I choose this one since it illustrates the Hegemony at its best.

What is the Hegemony you ask? To answer that you must first understand that for years now there has been a dedicated Star Wars roleplay on Mod DB.

Factions rose, factions fell. The Hegemony is just another one.

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---Incoming Transmission---
To: The Hegemony
From: Battle-Net
Subject: Auxilia Expansion
Classification: Public Address
Encryption: None
-Initiate Message-

With the populations of many worlds now chanting Vode an. The people of the Hegemony see it as their duty to keep the unity safe. Many have taken up arms and join the ranks of the Auxilia Verd'ika with some trying to become Shock Troopers and even the rare recruit who fancies himself Ranger material.

All in defence of the Hegemony.

But some worlds like Kashyyyk, Telos, Iego and Bonadon have pressed the Hegemony's leadership hard to allow it to form their own branches of Auxilia from their militias.

The Hegemony council has agreed only if the militia are able to meet up to the requirements of the Mandalorians. Training instructors and drill sergeants are sent to inspect the local defence forces and judge if they are fit to be a part of the Hegemony's military.

Currently the Telos Security Force is accepted within the ranks of the Auxilia and much to the resentment of the Wookiees the Trandoshans from Trandosha are too.

OOC: In other words. Check the military page to see two new units.

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