Gray Jedi are those who, though having completed the teachings of the Jedi, operate independently and outside of the Jedi Council. They are typically seen as misguided, though they have not necessarily succumbed to the dark side.

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The battle between AK151 and the entire Mandalorian fleet. Also includes the Battle of Drakara, as short as it was, mainly because the Mandalorians retreated to reinforce their position above Firrerre.

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The Battle of Drakara

A short "battle" that consisted of Ten and Ori`verda's forces jumping into the proximity of Drakara and setting off several mines in space. This destroyed a few ships, but the attacking forces soon left to reinforce the combatants at Firrerre. Along with this, the defense grid fired a volley of missiles, damaging one of Ten's Imperious-class star destroyers, the Naast.

Gray Jedi

The Battle of Firrerre

The larger battle between the Gray Jedi fleet, consisting of three sub-fleets belonging to AK151, ÐRΣÄÐNÄUGHT90k, and KamikazeSniper, under the direct command of AK151 as both Dread and Kamikaze were absent, and the combined forces of Lord_Ten10dix, Ori`verda, Adenn`verda, War!, and DarthJohnyboy1.

The battle began with Ten and Ori`verda's fleets jumping into the system and causing some damage to the planetary shield before leaving for Drakara, leaving most of their fleets in the hands of the recent arrival, Adenn`verda, with DarthJohnyboy1 taking up the rear with his flagship. The defense grid opened fire on Adenn's ships, while at the same time, a device called a "crystal gravfield trap" was activated, rendering all cloaked ships useless. Adenn and Johny began to take casualties, and due to this, Ten and Ori`verda were forced to pull back to Firrerre to strengthen the defense there.

With Ori`verda and Ten's return, the tide of the battle began to turn, with no ships joining the fight. The only combatant was the defense grid, whose missiles were slowly becoming less and less effective. The Vernichtung, Ten's flagship, fired a second salvo of its ion cannons, the first one severely depleting the planetary ion shields, the second one bringing the entire system offline.

With the planetary shield disabled, ground forces started raining down on the planet, but the defense grid prevented any bombardments. The full Gray Jedi army, consisting of many Gray Jedi troops supplemented with large amounts of MCUs, MSUs, MAUs, Strikers, AT-SEs, and a large regiment of assorted advanced droid models, came to rebuff the attackers. The MCUs, Strikers, and AT-SEs aided the Earthshaker PAUs, massive anti-orbital artillery cannons, to shoot down boarding craft in conjunction with atmospheric Aurora fighters, which shot down even more craft, and atmospheric Dragon bombers, which terrorized ground troops.

In the skies above, the battle was changing. The attacks on the defense grid were less effective, as the Arcem had joined the fight, her powerful shield absorbing huge amounts of firepower. Meanwhile, Johnyboy's flagship, a massive "Sizzle" battlecruiser, had almost charged her main cannons to destroy the defense grid. To counter this, Dread's flagship, under the command of AK151, who had not yet joined the battle with his flagship, jumped in on the port side of the battlecruiser and quickly destroyed the main cannons on it, severely damaging the ship and many of its support craft. Within minutes, the mighty warship was all but destroyed by the combined firepower of the Ragnarok and many of Dread's support ships.

As the battle raged, a change in the field occurred. Three blue flashes appeared in the distance, heralding the arrival of the Valiance, AK151's mighty flagship. The massive warship quickly made up for any lapse in defense, her interceptors blazing, shooting down projectile after projectile. An attempt was made to board the mighty ship, an attempt that was easily rebuffed. At the sight of the ship, Ten ordered every weapon the Mandalorians had turned on it, and through combined firepower, the Valiance's shields began to fail. To help with this, Adenn`verda sent portions of his fleet on a suicide mission, but this turned out almost disastrously, with only a few ships reaching the Valiance.

However, the concentration of the Valiance allowed the fleet to recover, and they were reinforced by elements of AK151's fleet, which aided the remainder of KamikazeSniper's fleet. The Arcem had fallen to Ori`verda's Shadow dreadnought, and the remnants were destroyed by Ten to prevent them from being used as cover. While the fleets focused on the Valiance, the Gray Jedi fleet began to push forward, concentrating on the Cabur, Ten's shield ship, which was providing defense for the entire Mandalorian fleet. The Cabur began to suffer massive damage, damage that was on-par with the damage that the Valiance was suffering, however, the Cabur's shield was providing the main defense, and while almost depleted, it still was present and prevented Ten's forces from suffering large amounts of casualties.

With the near depletion of the Valiance's shields, Ori`verda led a boarding party consisting of the Champions of Mandalore, but what boarding craft did make it inside the hangar bay were quickly beset upon by the Valiance's heavy internal defenses, hundreds of automatic mass accelerator cannons, in addition to fighters and a thousand MCUs, which dealt heavy casualties to the boarders.

Meanwhile, the Ragnarok finished off the Electrified, Johnyboy's flagship, and turned toward Adenn`verda's main fleet. It focused on the Prudii and the Mantador IIIs in the fleet focused on the Adenn, the main capital ships of Adenn`verda's fleet. The fleets were equally matched, and this took heat off of the main Gray Jedi fleet. Then something changed.

With a shudder, the Valiance crumpled, and a large convoy of Torque gunships carrying off the last of the defense force and crew were seen escorted by several Sabers. The massive warship's hull collapsed under the combined fire of the entire Mandalorian fleet, and the ship was finally destroyed, the remnants being disintegrated. A message was received by all Gray Jedi ships:

"This is Aaron Karax: All ships, stand down. There are too many. Live to fight another day."

With this, all Gray Jedi forces seized fire, and the Mandalorians did the same. Outnumbered and outgunned, the destruction of the Valiance was the turning point in the battle, and with their greatest asset lost, the Gray Jedi could not hope to win victory, and could only hope to salvage what was left and continue on. AK151 was taken into custody by the Mandalorians, and the Gray Jedi fleet was allowed to stay above Firrerre. The planet was left alone, still in Gray Jedi possession, as AK151 was prize enough.

Mandalorians (but I put up a damn good fight :P)


uhm force abilities? footsoldiers don't have them. you should rethink your ground army layout. if they were all force sensitive, you'd only have a handfull.

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AK151 Author

I know that. Not all of our troops are force sensitive, and we use a lot of droids as well...

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meant to be a replie to ten;)

and un-delete the comments as i don't see how they obstruct the article!
a good debate now and then is fun.

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Ten10dix Creator

Not all of my troops are Force Sensitive, I never said that. I said we rely on our own Force Sensitive troops to lead them and win decisive victories (using Battle Meditation, Lightning ect.) and wreck havoc on the enemies.

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AK151 Author

All comments have been deleted as I personally find 85 comments to be quite a clutter xD

If this is a unanimously unpopular decision, I will un-delete all comments. Good day!

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KamikazeSniper Creator


I guess this is what happens when you go on a vacation during a Cold War...

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AK151 Author

Lol. Yup, this is what happens xD

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