High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND was an elite black ops unit of the United States Army that was established by the "Legendary Soldier" Big Boss. Although its function changed over the years, FOXHOUND specialized in covert, solo infiltrations, to cope with local revolutions, regional complications, and global terrorist activities in "unauthorized" combat zones too politically-sensitive to intervene through conventional means. Its agents are also trained to complete various missions that are assigned in secret, to the extent that they are considered the modern versions of the ninja. All its members were battlefield hardened veterans, with many coming from a mercenary background. Because of its status as a hi-tech special forces infiltration unit, any and all members of FOXHOUND are heavily trained and rigorously taught a wide field of survival, martial, and operational skills; from a plethora of insertion and maneuvering methods, from skydiving techniques and underwater infiltratio

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