Once again the Fel family have risen to power and through Loyalist Clone army have resurrected the Fel Empire, the second of its kind in Galactic history.

RSS HoloNet Hack

On every HoloNet terminal and Imperial Network is broadcast a message originating from the outskirts of Imperial space.

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[Accessing Imperial HoloNet and Military channels]
[Password Required]
[ID confirmed: Cronus, Imperial Councilor... Current Status: MIA]
[High level Access Denied]
[Subroutine enabled... Re-routing]
[Backdoor Fail-safe Protocol activated]
[High level Access Achieved]

*On every HoloNet terminal and Imperial Network is broadcast a message originating from the outskirts of Imperial space.*

"Imperial citizens, pardon the intrusion. My name is Cronus, although I wasn't always known by that name, most have known me as a Jedi Master, the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance and Emperor of the newly born Galactic Empire. I am sending you this message because I have made terrible mistakes. Not all were done out of free will, most are a direct result of my freedom to choose being taken away from me, not that it will ever redeem me from my actions. As a Jedi, my journey to this point was set in motion long before that.

The worst from of corruption is the one that seeks to infect the uncorrupted. You, the people within the Empire, have been a victim in this struggle between the corrupted and the pure, between good and evil. When the Sith Empire invaded long ago, the Jedi Order was betrayed from within by those who could not resist temptation and as a result the galaxy was thrown into Civil war. The Jedi Order became consumed with paranoia and conflict. But as the Pheonix that rises from the ashes the Jedi Order rose again and fought a long and desperate war until the mighty Sith Empire, ironically, fell for the very same reasons the Republic and its Jedi protectors fell. But before the Sith Empire had completely fallen, it came to a final battle destroying the Sith once and for all, but as history so often has proven. War can easily corrupt and those who were pure felt its effects, but not until it was too late and the line between good and evil became blurred, both the Jedi and the Mandalorians have suffered greatly because of this. Niether the purity of the Jedi, nor the Honor of the Mandalorians managed to prevent this until it was to late and new borders had been drawn.

Today we see the result of this corruption. I was forcily turned to the cause of the Sith many months before the dawn of this Empire. I truly wish I could say that I fought back bravely and for a long time, but I did not. I had been corrupted long before that, even though the seed of corruption was small, it was enough for my enemies to exploit. Everything you know about the founding of the Empire is a lie, the Jedi Order was not behind the attacks and the conspiracies agaist the Galactic Alliance. It was a mere scheme, hatched by myself and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Lord kairn. The same Sith who commited Genoside against the people of Sluis Van and the War criminal of Kashyyyk, that still this days lie scarred from the planetary-wide fires. Through him was I turned agaist all that I believe in, and only through him will I ever find redemption.

The New Galactic Empire is a lie, it is not ruled by those who have your best interrests in mind, nor will they ever value your life over their own. Even now they seek forever establish their dominace by removing one of the last enemies with the power to resist them. Soon the galaxy will be completely under their control and all premises of good will and justice will fall to the ground. The galaxy have been plaqued by war and conflict for so long now, it's broken and in chaos, it is with great sorrow that I say this, but you have to fight back, the Sith cannot be allowed to rise to full dominance. The people of the Empire must fight, no matter who you are or what you have done in the past, you now must fight for your future. No longer can we allow others to choose for us, no longer can the Sith be allowed to infest and corrupt this galaxy and its people.

This will most likely be the last you hear from me. This is the only chance I get send this message and the Empire will soon prevent further intrusion into the media from my side and when it is back in their control. They will say and do everything in their power to deceive you. They will try to influence you into distrusting me or anyone who opposes them. They will blame me for everything, but it is not up to me to decide for you. You must make up your own mind, for it is yours, and yours alone.

May the force be with you all and... remember the path to evil is paved with good intentions. I know this, for mine is built all to well."

A series of Orders is also sent to all Military assets in the Empire.

*All Clones are required to take control of their respected divisions and report to Emergency command at once. Any Sith are to be eliminated on sight for treason.*

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