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Yes, I was planning the Fantasy-themed sequel... The sequel includes lots of mythical legends, Dragons, knights, castles and even Brutal than more... like was in my favorite Ray game.

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Of course, it was only the cartoon-grapical things that these what they are made on Unreal. and now we're working the sequel for Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 5?

Of course, the mythical world... really the mythical world, in a fantasy world where all dragons, knights, castles are here... but this is not the same planet like in the previous game. It is the only my Idea for the Cute-as-Heck sequel to make into a sequel... really...

It is something that my mind would title the untitled sequel that would include Dragons, vampires, ghosts and... something very creepy.... that the Dark times would show who's the world's their overlord...

The Main character became The Knight Kid... The brave knight, Fantasy version of Kid herself who would use their fighting skills unlike in the Skyrim and other Role-playing games. So anyway, the main protagonist is the Girl, who previously had look like cute. But anyway, I've decided to redesign her to realstic texture and detail compared to the original, as for while... these massive world she would explore... and even she would had the possible abilities to shoot arrows, shoot cannonballs, and even... swim underwater. Because of course every Video game character can swim except the blue hedgehog or any other.

and So, may this cause the big massive... CHAOS! the world is being under attack by a massive army of Mafia Crusaders who really is being a great power of the civilization... of course... They'll pay for this... and even that's also not these ones we call "Mafia Crusaders"... These are a most pure-superevil creatures of hell spirit. They're the Goblin-like creatures attacking the most of this entire region. It's up to brave knighty lady to save the Day and return home!

Just like than other thing like these creatures, also we feature Orcs, elves and even plant creatures like flowers, trees, and any flora you ecounter! also... you also meet... The Chaos owls... the most powerful-superevil owls that they roam around their this region "Bird Hell". Ruled by a most gigantic overlord bird in most of this planet... The Overductor...

But not only the Overductor... there's a another one... we call the evil girly one... The Moustache Monarch! who should take all of these powers of the mysterious hourglasses to make her army very powerful! and take the controll of them!

Just smash her face with her rusty new umbrella sword! but even more weapons included: Chainsaws, axes, east asian weaponry and bows.

but once... that little moustache beast... is being a monster in this world...

May the game could be rated T or PEGI 12 for bloody animation and middle fantasy violance. Because my idea for the sequel could be soo... strange. Because of this original game is being a Kid-friendly and cute, and for the sequel is being a mythical, brutal, fantasy, magical and charming and same to the previous game, for that might be for middle teens. with a Heavy-Metal perfect music and that's more brutal. Than more dangerous than the original.

Of course I've supposed to make a Unity 2D-based prequel titled "The Origins of Time" where the main character named Kid was created or possibly awaken to save the world from her evil moustache twin and travel through the space. But so, there's many lot of things, like umberlla's ability to hook the neck to perform the water ski! and even too the bunny ears hat that peforms to use them as the helicopter! that's lot of goodies, aren't it?

I think I'm tired of this, since It all, I call... "Cute-as-Bloody Hell".

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