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Orlick Snakelord and Potestas in the New Canon. Article about new avatar of my universe.

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Orlick Snakelord and Potestas in the New Canon. Article about new avatar of my universe.

This article is small and very short. Its about ideas... Just ideas.

I must say, something from the Old Canon is now part of the New Canon. As you heard, i announced the New Canon in the beginning of this year and started to work with universe since zero. All old plots are now part of the Old Canon and its now archived. New Canon - is my nowadays universe, my future.

Orlick The Snakelord was one of the villains from the Old Canon (secret grand enemy). He is the main leader of Madi`Lim race (dark Sovi`Lars). In the New Canon he have the same position. But he is not main villain now, he is just one of the villains. He have several parts of his Mighty Soul, which can transform to different forms. Orlick is now the part of my New Canon.

But what about Potestas and Salah`Zarr? Must i return these factions and this hero to my New Canon? I am just thinking about it. If you have some ideas, you can help me and write there.

About Orlick you`re now knows the truth. Bur what about Salah`Zarr God? Will he deserve the future? Or he must be forever the part of cancelled universe?

Who knows....

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