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EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is a large cover genre for the many sub-genres from anything from Dubstep to Trance to Chillstep to Electro. This group aims to provide you with solid EDM music every week, ranging in any of the categories under EDM. It will focus more on the unknown artists versus the well known (don't expect Skrillex on here). Join and Track if you want to listen to the regular uploads!

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Not necessarily a new artist on the block, but definitely one that deserves more exposure!

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I personally am a big fan of dubstep... Well, I'm a big fan of melodic dubstep. I don't live in the land of ridiculous wobbles and drops (although neither are a bad thing on occasion), but they have a place in the song and it's not all three minutes and thirty seven seconds of it. Certain artists are only melodic and it's hard to find heavier bass in any of their tracks. Once again, this isn't a bad thing, but I prefer songs that have just enough bass and just enough melody to be a great track. And Mitis hits that preference.

[MELODIC DUBSTEP] - Written Emotions - Mod DB

Written Emotions is a fantastic showcase. The track starts out with a pleasing melody that sticks throughout the entire song. The bass is done to perfection, allowing the melody to stay and be overblown. Mitis has done some great tracks, but this is his best in my opinion. He's an artist to keep track of for sure.

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