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Crytek has released its latest version of the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK package. The latest 3.3.9 (3410) build brings tons of new options and bug fixes.

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CryENGINE 3 Free SDK - Update build 3.3.9

Crytek has released its latest version of the CryENGINE 3 Free SDK package. The latest 3.3.9 (3410) build brings tons of new options and bug fixes.
You can get the latest build here.

3.3.9 Free SDK update trailer

Major New Features:

  • DX9 Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM)
  • DX9 Screen-Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO)
  • DX9 Particle Global Illumination (GI)
  • New "Very High" graphics configuration
  • Added Scaleform support (v3.9.93)

Important Updates:

  • Improved SLI/CF support
  • Improved 32-bit Editor support
  • Improved support for 5.1/7.1 surround sound setups
  • Improved support for Windows font sizes
  • Improved Sandbox UI
  • Added Visual Studio 2010 support
  • Removed Visual Studio 2008 support

Full Changelog:

  • Added UI Emulator
  • Added UI Actions
  • Added sample HUD & Launcher menu
  • Fixed multi-GPU (SLI/CF) flickering issue
  • Fixed issue with NVIDIA driver support for 32-bit Launcher/Editor
  • Added new surface explosion effects
  • Restored particle lifetime curves for alpha, size, etc
  • Fixed falling leaves & ground smoke graphical bugs
  • Added and reworked existing sound reverb presets
  • Added aquatic plants
  • Fixed seagull boid error
  • Cleaned up and reworked weapons project (sounds, structure)
  • Cleaned up and reworked environment project (sounds, structure)
  • Fixed LODs of beach trees
  • Added LODs for various vegetation assets
  • Added new assets for Forest level rework
  • Reworked Forest level & improved quality of level, including assets, terrain, area shapes, etc
  • Added POM textures for Forest
  • Added new destroyed texture for vehicles
  • Fixed tire explosion sound
  • Fixed red dot for Rocket Launcher not working
  • Updated props prefab library with many houses included interiors
  • Improved soil & wood impact effects
  • Updated ocean material for Forest
  • Improved Flowgraph Debugger (Support for Breakpoints)
  • Improved surface effects for vehicles
  • Refactored vehicle pfx and vfx libraries
  • Fixed empty Rocket Launcher effects
  • Improved SCAR muzzle flash
  • Added SCAR loop tail sounds
  • Added AI character Civilian, behavior "Wander between points of interest"
  • Added boost functionality to all vehicles
  • Improved house/barrel LOD quality
  • Added support for AI territories & waves for vehicles
  • Adjusted vehicle debris pooling to improve memory management
  • Added more control over XYZ detail material slope
  • Fixed vegetation bending issues
  • Fixed crash when using light shapes
  • Fixed bi-directional rotation params for particles
  • Fixed stack overflow issue for Win x64
  • Fixed level heap violation associated with level unload, temp surfaces and fog volume containers
  • Many adjustments to the sound system
  • Many adjustments to voxel system
  • Fixed crash on Launcher start-up and ALT+TAB functionality
  • Fixed LOD loading bug
  • Further improvements to Asset Browser
  • Fixed geometry issue with light objects
  • Fixed potential crash if no top animation exists in layer for hit death reaction
  • Fixed crash if no raycaster exists anymore
  • Fixed potential issue when animation controls an entity directly
  • Fixed potential crash in renderer
  • Fixed DOF linkage error
  • Fixed DX9 vertex decl. issue
  • Added Mute button to Sandbox UI
  • Fixed incorrect texture reference in default vehicle lights
  • Fixed fakeLight property not working for vehicle lights
  • Fixed terrain SetWaterLevel not updating water level in physics
  • Fixed environment probe crash
  • Fixed issue with Rocket Launcher only dropping after projectile had been destroyed
  • Enabled terrain shadow casting on all specs except Low
  • Re-enable Fresnel tweaking for water
  • Enable dynamic textures and projector texture
  • Fixed issue with non-actor entities not receiving hits
  • Fixed Character Editor crash when using Morph Targets
  • Fixed projection problems with bump map decals applied on vegetation objects
  • Fixed issue with pickable items and AI weapons
  • Fixed boid animations
  • Made several adjustments to boid code
  • Fixed issue with under water sound mood
  • Fixed particle issue when TurbulenceSpeed < 0
  • Fixed rare Editor crash
  • Improvements to rigid entity / fluid interaction
  • Fixed close attack issue with AI losing sight of player
  • Fixed rare issue where using "Save As" in Editor resulted in the .cry file being deleted if an error occurred
  • Improved ocean particle interaction based on wave height
  • Added ability to define tire explosion particle effects (instead of being hard coded)
  • Added ability to define custom params for Rocket Launcher RDS (instead of being hard coded)
  • Updated FMOD (4.38.04) binaries - Fix for 5.1/7.1 surround sound crash
  • Fixed memory leak in Editor
  • Improved emitter debug bounding box drawing, scales correctly, alpha support, etc.
  • Improved vegetation profiler
  • Allow water volumes to be turned on / off
  • Improved scope view for Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed crash for using Windows Font > 100% in size
  • Fixed shadow disappearing when light props are modified
  • Fixed 3rd person camera reset when changing seats in vehicles
  • Fixed crash when using broken_mtl option in surface type
  • Fixed issue with voxel LOD seams
  • Fixed hot reloading of animations in Character Editor not working
  • Fixed animation events at 0.0f not triggering
  • Fixed updating of current ammo pool on ammo pickup
  • Updated latest EAX code
  • Fixed Animation System Assert on startup (last unloading of DBA)
  • Fixed Animation System Assert in PoseBlenderAim
  • Fixed Focus and confine cursor problems in the Launcher
  • Fixed issue with LookIK
  • Fixed Time of Day synchronisation
  • Fixed infinite ammo bug
  • Fixed white spec on the rocket launcher scope glass and renamed ids
  • Fixed ammo pool not updating on pickup ammo
  • Added some missing textures spec & ddn
  • Fixed rendering bugs related to vegetation wind
  • Changed pfx modifications to use only one library. Now all weapons use the weapon_fx.xml
  • Adjustments to civilian AI & reaction to the player
  • Updated MaxCryExport: disable export of vertex animation by default
  • Fixed VehicleLights flownode not working
  • Added ScriptBind and FlowNode for loading TimeOfDay files
  • Fixed Crash on opening WheelMaster dialog in the Vehicle Editor
  • Fixed Vehicle Editor crash after closing WheelMaster dialog
  • Fixed AI Debug Draw TagPoints
  • Fixed Starting 2 material effects while using melee attacks ("No Surface Type") and wrong direction
  • Updated bullet effects for most surfaces
  • Improved dock area assets, collision proxies, LOD's, scale of objects
  • Fixed collision issue on lower area of light house
  • Added multiple improvements to decal assets quality
  • Added new TOD Street light prefab
  • Added Tractor sample asset
  • Updated Resource Compiler
  • Renamed BehaviorSelectionTree to SelectionTreeEditor
  • Adding Auto Backup option in the File menu to easy enable/disable the auto backup of the level
  • Updated XT Toolkit
  • Being able to start animations from Lua with animation driven motion
  • Rename DefaultVehicle to EmptyVehicle
  • Updated Editor tips
  • Improves the filter edit control behavior in the node tree pane of TrackView by allowing a tab-switch of current matches
  • Added ability to change order of track events in the ‘Edit Events' dialog
  • Added quick access for Entities using the Animated Character Extension in the context menu
  • Improved civilians reaction to player
  • Allow moving keys to the time between 0 and the sequence start time.
  • Maya: Validate message control system. Allow some validation messages to be disabled by the user
  • Maya: Getting UDP from bone geometries into the game
  • Point Light Shaft Properties added to light entity
  • Audio Caching for Items
  • Added possibility to check for matching rows/colums and wrong ordering in Material Effects with setting mfx_debug to 3
  • Collada: Changed the rotation from Y-up to make the facing correct
  • Added ScriptBind and FlowNode for loading TimeOfDay files
  • Remove old key dialogs from TrackView
  • Updated the SDK character model
  • Maya: Plugin version update
  • Improve the naming of director nodes in TrackView
  • Fixed Terrain collision enabled icon being backwards
  • Fix broken undo/redo of keys and splines after redo adding a entity to TrackView
  • Improved default lighting setup in Character Editor and Animation Graph Editor
  • Launcher: Level.cfg are now loaded
  • Fixed picking an object inside a group/prefab not working
  • Fixed Autostarting a TrackView sequence doesn't hide the player
  • Fixed two-handed pickups
  • Re-factored graphics configs and removed redundant CVars

Vehicle Updates


  • Tweaked material & fixed surface type errors
  • Many adjustments to damage behaviors and effects
  • Improved wake/spray effects
  • Improved 1st and 3rd person cameras
  • Added ability to custom define wave effect in XML file (instead of being hard coded)


  • Added gun overheat effect for Abrams, fixed errors
  • Updated Abrams material
  • Fixed faulty left tread
  • Added recoil animation for main cannon
  • Many adjustments to damage behaviors and effects
  • Added new sounds and states (engine stop, exhaust smoke puff, etc)
  • Increased main cannon damage, improved effects & sounds
  • Added lights to Abrams
  • Tweaked main cannon projectile to be visible
  • Added MP modification to Abrams to give separate driver/gunner control
  • Fixed inaccurate Abrams damaged model
    MH60 Blackhawk
  • Fixed decal issue & made general improvements to material
  • Added new texture for downwash effect & improved environment interaction effects
  • Many adjustments to damage behaviors and effects
  • Added navigation lights toggle
  • Added new sounds and states (engine stop, exhaust smoke puff, etc)
  • Fixed control issue when helicopter is at its highest limit
  • Fixed controls locking up when using gamepad
  • Improved handling of rotor animation, uses engine animation, not hard coded
  • Added ability to adjust velocity damping via XML instead of hard coded


  • Updated HMMWV material
  • Many adjustments to damage behaviors and effects
  • Improved surface interaction and effects
  • Many tweaks to vehicle handling, performance & environment interaction
  • Improved 1st and 3rd person cameras

You can get the latest build here.


Amazing stuff here, I need to learn this sometime.

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dat water

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The SSDO is great, yet to really try out on my own work, but a quick test and it really does look good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

loving this, its even working with graphics driver again,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Looks awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Another awesome update. Love the projected video stuff :D.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Now I want this optimized for my ****** computer that is able to run UDK well, but not this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My PC can't handle either. :(

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dropping the zip files on to a v1.9 full game "will" stop the full running!!

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fail engine.

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it's so great that Crytek keeps working on this engine, and ALL the documentation. this way they make it so easy for us to use this great engine.

thanks Duruk, for another great new update.
always interesting stuff!!


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Now that's what I call a changelog! :D

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