The Art Institute Online & Alienware challenges you to bring forth your single most striking, awe inspiring and breathtaking original game art. We want you to blow our minds and show us why a picture is worth a thousand words in our Concept Art Competition.

Winners Are Grinners

Picking a winner from 2 ~ 3 good entries is never easy, especially when you know the amount of work which has gone into perfecting every last detail. This competition was one of the best we have run, with some amazing art entered (57 in fact). This made judging extra difficult but someone has to win, so now I present to you the community's pick, and also the Art Institute Online judging panel's pick. Congratulations to these artists who will each be receiving an Alienware Area-51 7500 PC Rig. To everyone else thanks for competing, we look forward to your involvement in future competitions.

Community's Choice Pick: War on the Water

Communities Choice Pick: War on the Water

Art Institute Pick: Art of War

Communities Choice Pick: War on the Water

More Entries

Holding Ground Riot Control The Warlord We must become one The Warlord The Exortaes Supression Assassination of Madam Butterfly The Gasman Whos Next? Warlord Warlord War on the Water Harbor Raid Warlord Aliens Battle for the Pacific