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Was there really a global flood or was it just a local event?

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I wholeheartedly believe that the flood covered the entire world. Either way I did some research since such a catastrophic event must have left some evidence...
here's what I have gathered:

Finally this sums it all up:

I hope you read all of this (I know that some of this takes a long time), but I read/skimmed through all of this. Also most of the information from the different websites repeats with slight variations. I think that this is a good theory since it explains all the evidence better than the theory of evolution (long time to do something idea) does. Please read this it took me about 2-3hrs to put this together.


My answer: It happened the way the Bible says it happened. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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ElfFriend Author

and finding supportive evidence for the events that happened strengthens our faith

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The bible clearly states it was global full stop. No exceptions.

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ElfFriend Author

I believe that but there are those that dont believe in a worldwide flood...Its great that you agree with the global flood idea, and i have gathered all the supportive facts that were needed to clearly display the evidence for the worldwide flood. and at least next time you debate and atheist or someone that doesn't believe that a global flood could have happened: point them here:D

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ElfFriend Author

why is there not a single atheist trying to prove that there was never a flood? am i really that good with finding flood evidence that nobody even wants to debate it?

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