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So I quickly improved a good sermon that I wanted to share with you guys!

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So on some Mondays (and I will miss this a lot next year) we have what the school calls small group chapels. Basically 2-3 students from grades 6-9 meet together and the grade nines lead while the teacher oversees the group. So on Monday the teacher asked the ‘leaders' to give a 1 min sermon. Asides from me and my friend doing it there was 3 others that volunteered to give sermons out of the entire group. Anyways enough with the background info. So I quickly improved a good sermon that I wanted to share with you guys!

So I did a sermon about faith since well it came to mind and it's important too. So in Hebrews 11 there is an entire chapter about faith Everything is done by faith, Peter walked on water because he had faith. If he didn't have faith I don't think that he would have even gotten out of his boat. When Jesus healed people He would say ‘your faith has made you well' however you might be thinking all these examples are "old" well no they are not. God healed me when I prayed to him and had faith that he can heal me. He also calmed a storm for me!! All I did was have faith that God can do that and simply asked Him. Even though faith is so very important, love is much more important, since without love faith is nothing. So this goes too all that are reading this; have faith, pray to God not only when you are in trouble since if that's the only time you ever speak to God then expect to be in constant troubles. Talk to God as if he were a friend, a parent; rejoicing and praising Him, not just telling him ‘I am so sorry that I sinned again' but also telling him about all the good that's going on. And tell Him of your troubles; have faith that He will help you!


I remember I prayed to Jesus once and I was healed straight away after saying Amen. That's a miracle if ever I saw one. The injury I had suffered was that one of my bones had come out of its socket. The funny thing is, is that when I saw and felt my injury, the first thing that went through my mind was "pray to Jesus, he'll heal it" and I did so and what do you know? It worked.

I too pray to God in times of trouble and I say the Lord's prayer twice everyday. God is not just a father but a fortress too. A fortress of protection. I often say that we shouldn't trust anyone, not even ourselves (desires lead us astray), we should only trust God. I think if we only trust in God and his word we'd be able to live a good life. Unfortunately we're humans, we make mistakes and desires can be strong. The good thing however is that we can try again when we make a mistake and learn from it. That's what makes us human.

Love is the strongest force in this universe.

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ElfFriend Author

i rarely say the Lord's prayer, since i'd rather not make my relationship with God a religion.

Miracles are amazing!!

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You're kinda already in a religion Revan if you're Christian...

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ElfFriend Author

imo a religion is when i HAVE (by have i mean do good deeds, etc. not including asking for salvation since that requires almost nothing) to do something to get saved, (From my point of view it isn't something that comes from God)

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The Lord's Prayer is an instruction on how to pray. You don't pray in the exact words of the Lord's Prayer like you see on tv all the time.

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