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Jun 22 2009 Anchor

This thread is where we can share and discuss builds that we use in COD4.

OK so I'll start off with one of my builds:

The Typical 'Infantryman'
- Main Weapon, AK 47 (Red Dot Sight Attachment)
- Secondary Weapon, Desert Eagle
- Special Grenade, Stun Grenade
- Perk 1, Frags x 3
- Perk 2, Stopping Power
- Perk 3, Deep Impact

A simple but highly effective build, the Ak 47 is a extremely good gun and available at a lower level, the dot sight is unlocked faily easily. Unfortunately the Desert Eagle is a high level weapon but I generally don't use it - using another pistol won't really matter. The perks are all low levels except for the frags - if i didn't have this perk i would go for the spec. grenades x 3. I get the stun grenade because when you stun someone with it you are able to move around them in circles and shoot them or simply knife them. This build can be basically used everywhere on every map!

Well that's one of my builds but let's here some of yours!

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Jun 22 2009 Anchor

Nice one Here's mines:
Main weapon, M4 with red dot
Secondary, Desert eagle
Special Grenade, Stun grnade
Perk1, frags x3
Perk 2, Double tap
Perk3, Deep inpact

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