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This update is a forgotten update with a small GDI TD update, we have already announced that the forgotten will be include in the mod for mappers so of course they need some re texturing as well and that is what we did, together with the GDI Humvee, Medium Tank and Mammoth MK I.

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Hello fellow followers,

This update is a forgotten update with a small GDI TD update, we have already announced that the forgotten will be include in the mod for mappers so of course they need some re texturing as well and that is what we did, together with the GDI Humvee, Medium Tank and Mammoth MK I.

GDI Humvee:
GDI Humvee

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, commonly called Humvee, was GDI's scout unit in the first Tiberian war. Humvees are fully enclosed units with reinforced windows and a powerful engine, armed with a roof mounted 7.62 mm M-60 machine gun.

They were widely used by GDI forces in the first tiberian war to both support infantry squads in combat and perform reconnaissance of enemy positions.

Whilst performing well against infantry and other light vehicles such as the Nod Buggy, the Humvee's armour is insufficient to withstand prolonged attack from heavy weapons such as tank shells or rockets.

This limits the overall combat effectiveness of the Humvee and limits its role to that of a scout or infantry support unit.

GDI Medium Tank:

The medium tank was GDI's main battle tank in the first Tiberian War, the Medium Tank was a workhorse combat vehicle, armed with a single 120 mm antitank cannon. It was the backbone of GDI's armored divisions in the First Tiberian War.

GDI Medium Tank

After the First Tiberium War, GDI replaced the Medium Tank with the Titan Mk. I medium battle walker.

GDI Mammoth:

The Mammoth Mk. I (or X-66 Mammoth) was a GDI heavy assault tank that became the signature unit of GDI in the first Tiberian war. The Mammoth is armed with two 120mm cannon and twin anti-infantry and anti-aircraft Mammoth Tusk missile pods. An atomic generator powers the enormous vehicle. Mammoths are also equipped to independently carry out limited battlefield repairs.

As a response to the Mammoth losing its superiority over the years (due to advances in technology), GDI researched and developed its walking successor - the Mammoth Mk. II.

The Forgotten managed to acquire some units for their own use

Forgotten Humvee:

Everyone knows that the Humvee is one of the best Main light vehicle in the 20's decade, it could carry to up 5 people and was able to work in rough circumstances this made the forgotten decide that this was a most have in there arsenal. They upgrade the main machine gun with a gattling gun and as salvage ability they upgraded it with a Tiberium liquid missile launcher

Forgotten Humvee TOW upgrade Forgotten Humvee

Forgotten Medium Tank:

The forgotten medium tank is the main battle tank of the forgotten arsenal, it is originally a Russian T-80 U, because of the great amount of chassis but not enough turrets with dual cannon's the forgotten decided to remove one barrel of the turret, so they could have a greater amount of working T-80 U's, since the years of scaveging this medium tank, they had to much barrels laying around, this made the forgotten decided to have this as a salvage ability which will upgrade the firing rate of the Medium tank.

Forgotten Medium Tank

Forgotten Mammoth Tank:

The Mammoth Tank for the forgotten is the strongest forgotten vehicle in there arsenal, because the forgotten salvage stuff from the first tiberian dawn they decided that they need a stronger counterpart against nod and gdi, because of the lack of missiles they decided to detach the rocket launchers from the turret and instead of that they made the interior bigger so it could fit 3 extra infantry's, but this didn't totally replaced the role of the rocket launcher's so they sealed the place's where the rockets original where mounted and when the mammoth got destroyed it became a bunker.

Forgotten Mammoth Tank

And with that we close the update for November, in December we are going back to the time line of Tiberian Dawn, so stay tuned.


Really nice looking.
The idea of the medium tank with the one barrel I think I've seen that in the Renovatio mod too.

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MrTimm Author

true it is inspired by that

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The T-80Us description sounds a little bit confused. You should probably change that to something more along the rough lines of "Despite the lack of gunbarrels, nothing prevents the crew from doing fieldupgrades with salvaged scrap metal".

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ApornasPlanet Creator

nice update!

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Nice. Any expected release (of the full version or an Alpha or Beta build)?

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