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Top 5: Coolest / Most useful / Best C&C structures (Groups : C&C Paradise : Forum : General Discussion/Off Topic : Top 5: Coolest / Most useful / Best C&C structures) Locked
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Oct 16 2010 Anchor

As topic says - What is your top 5: Coolest / Most useful / or simply the best C&C structures?

My top 5:
1. Obelisk from Tiberian Dawn - Scorpion tail shooting red lazor capable of destroying nearly anything with one shot - Very useful and cool
2. Hand of Nod from Tiberian Dawn - One of a kind structure - Very cool
3. Airforce Command HQ from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge - Provides both radar and landing pad for 4 Harrier jets - Very useful
4. Temple of Nod from Tiberian Dawn - Launches nuclear missile, gives access to high tech units and looks like scorpion - Useful and very cool
5. Strategy Center from Generals and Zero Hour - Battle plan for US forces, lots of upgrades and intelligence in zero hour - Very useful and cool

Outside top 5 there were Soviet Barracks from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, Battle Bunker from Red Alert 3 and Uprising and Stinger Site from Generals and Zero Hour

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Nov 5 2010 Anchor

I like all RA1 structures tbh.

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