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The armor which gave victory to many a civilization.

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Lammalar, a very common armor at the time, was made by connecting small rectangular plates of metal together with leather strings or metal rings to form a single piece of armor. Each culture had their own way of connecting them, however the Romans had used Lamellar in the early AD centuries, this gave the Byzantines a jump start in the race to make better Lamellar. Nowadays we don't know how they did it but by looking at Byzantine battles we can tell that the Lamellar was supremely effective. The Byzantines had developed Lamellar to the point where they could adequately armor an army at very low costs.
Unfortunately Byzantine Lamellar has been lost to us because the Turks destroyed anything that had information on the Byzantines.

ElfFriend Creator

The more I learn about their awesomeness the more I wish Europe had helped them win against the Ottoman Empire.

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templarnordbyzantine Author

To tell you the truth, Europe did more damage on the Byzantines than the Ottomans. And yet the Byzantines died defending Europe, they died for the people that didn't care if Byzantium lived or died. It's very depressing, but one thing I didn't know is that the last battle of the Byzantines,(I'm not meaning Constantinople,) wasn't a loss. I'll probably tell about it in another news article.

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i thought venice attacked and took constatinople. rebel crusaders and such.

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templarnordbyzantine Author

Yes, Venice was the main factor in the betrayal but it wasn't the only one, the answer is as follows.

The Crusaders reached Venice where they would sail to the Holy land, but the people of Venice demanded more money to build the ships, knowing that the Crusaders had no more. They offered a way out, all the crusaders had to do was raid a Byzantine town. (The people of Venice had a long standing grudge against the Byzantines due to the Byzantines better trade.) The Crusaders raided the town, and thought they might as well attack Constantinople, and defeat the Byzantine heretics. Constantinople could not hold firm against the mass of crusaders, and was conquered. A lot of history about the Byzantines is lost because of people wanting to preserve the image of their countries.

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Europe is full of douches by the sound of it...
they are protecting are eastern border so lets KILL THEM ALL. yup makes sense.

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