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Aug 27 2012 Anchor

From the creators of Orc Must Die...

A friend of mine got me that little indie game as a birthday gift 2-3 weeks ago. He hasn't try to target a game to fit in my favorite game type.
He did a random selection of recent steam release. One of is explanation was this equation : indie game = cool.
He and I didn't know that this game fitted just perfectly right in my gamer's daily gaming dose.

Hero Academy Steam page

First to explain the game : It's a game you must play with an human opponent, you have no much to do alone except some decent challenges.
The game is like chess board game where you use strategy to manage to kill all opponent's crystal or team. You get five moves by turn before submitting your moves. Then you wait until your opponent react. This isn't a game in real time action since you can submit a turn and then you may wait a day before your opponent move. There's 4 or 5 factions to choose. Each faction and each type of caracters has different abilities, range and moving speed. The core game comes with only two factions on Steam it's sad since you have to pay for the others but you don't need them to play and have fun. We can probably gat them cheap in a Steam deal...

There's a random map selection making each game different, some have a warp zone and power up zones.
The game is cross-platform so you may play against players on IOS devices. There's no RPG elements in that game, you have an amount of items in your bag which 5 or 6 are displayed and usable. Items are caracters and some powerup.

My final words: Hero Academy is very addictive and fun.

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Aug 28 2012 Anchor

from the screenshot. it looks like a strategy rpg + chess. king me!


ifss "Entitled" Cheapskate
Aug 30 2012 Anchor

I used to love playing Archon on my Atari 800XL - this looks right up my street :)


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