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Hi all, this is our first Moddb announcement, so I'll start off by introducing the mod to you.

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Hi all, this is our first Moddb announcement, so I'll start off by introducing the mod to you.

Ignitor Fuse is a Generals - Zero Hour Total Conversion Mod. It features real world weapons combined with classic C&C game elements, aiming to bring in a more refined gameplay style. The factions currently planned for the mod are China, US, Russia, Japan and EU. In short, the mod's goal is to create something that is "C&C, but more modernised". Yes, we are trying to enhance what Generals try to do and improve what it failed to achieve. The list of things we are planning to add includes detailed game environments (more atmospheric maps, more map props and sharper visuals etc.), a better counter system (less hard-counters and more perceivable defense mechanisms such as dodgable cannon shells, ability to suppress infantry, etc.) and more story-centred campaigns. In summary, if you liked General's overall design but finds it difficult to master, then Ignitor Fuse might be your thing.

For release date, we are planning to release the first beta on the 10th of August, as noted on the profile page. The beta will contain the Chinese faction and several visual tweaks. We are currently busy fixing it up, but you can check out some screenshots in our gallery to give you some idea.

Well, that is all for this update. Until August 10th, then~



This looks promising. Tracking*.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

This will be interesting, :D

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This looks promising. Tracking*.

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