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Just to let you know about a new BSG Mod, which is a conversion of the old Colonial Wars mod. I'm working to make this a full conversion mod with GC campaigns, land and space.

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Hi there!

I thought I would let you know about my mod (in case you haven't already seen it) I have revived the old Colonial Wars mod and heavily rewritten a lot of the code and incorporated models from other mods. The aim is to produce a mod which has land and space combat, as well as new GC based around the twelve colonies.

The story behind this mod is the idea that the Colonials discover the Cylon plot to hack the CNP after Caprica six betrays the Cylons due to her love of Gaius Baltar. They are able to fix most of the fleet before the Cylons strike. The Cylons attack with everything they have, including old first war ships which had been relegated to patrolling Cylon space. This overwhelming assault forces the Colonials to commit all of their reserves, including the semi retired Galactica and other first war vessels which had been sitting in scrapyards. The war rages across the twelve colonies as both sides struggle for survival.

Thanks for reading!


Surprised the modding community for BSG is still alive. Anyhow will look into it.

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