A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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No war on religion
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Look, I dislike criticizing this page, but this stuff isn't true. While I don't like religion, it DOES have good elements, and this is very extreme and severely one-sided. They're not reasonable. Sorry, but I really dislike these statements...

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Velancious Creator

Religion does breed more bad than it does good... Look at it this way. It has outgrown it's use. It was used to bring primitive people together with some basic, but questionable morals. We simply have advanced past that and no longer 'need' it so to speak.

Are some of us being a bit too harsh on religion? Perhaps, but maybe it's somewhat justified when religion doesn't want to kindly get up and leave the table. It's still going to be a while until it leaves so while it's here it's going to try to be a big thorn in our *** until it is finally kicked out once and for all.

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Could you throw examples of the evil deeds of all the big religions (Chirstianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism Judaism, Shintoism...) in the last 2 centuries, since I am curious to know.

Remember though, that evil deeds by religion means deeds, that the officials of their religion (Pope, Imams, Dalai Lama, Rabbis etc.) initiate and endorse. Ordinary people who belong to a religion, and do evil deeds, even if they claim it to be in the name of their religion, do not contribute to this, if the actual religion officials don't support their actions.

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Cervi_Messias Author

you clearly didnt get the point of this image.
the religious (specifically American christains) claim that the evil freedom hating atheists have created a war on religion by telling the opressive religious bastards that they cant force us to pray , follow biblical laws, fire us for not being christain, telling us who we can marry, ban us from public office etc.
Thats what this pick is about.

No one has ever said they cant worship a god, but anyone who claims there is a war on religion is claiming that they should have the right to force it onto us- as they have for the pastr 2000 yrs. and i do not agree with that and never will.
If YOU want to worship a god go ahead- if you want to follow biblical laws for yourself that fine with me to. BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO FORCE YOUR BELEIFS ON ME. that is my standpoint.

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