im just here i help those in need of amazing artwork u can post anything that doesn't exceed the rules ...dont forget to visit "VGAR" proud sponser of Artwork Armada.

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The new group Banners of Moddb is holding a contest. It's time for you to put your creative and artistic skill to the test. Read the post to learn more.

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As soon as the group "Banners of Moddb" gets authorized there will be a contest held.

You see, we as a group will be needing a decent banner. Since we're the banner group we can't have some bland, black and white banner. We need something good. So, as our first order of business... we'd like for you the community to create some banners for us and make those the first uploads into the group's image section.

The only rules are as follows:

You banner must be posted in the group's image section.

It must be 950x150.

Obviously it cannot violate any Moddb rules.

It must have the words "Banners of Moddb" in it.

To ensure that we know it's a contest entry be sure to put (Contest Entry) in the banner's description.

That's all. Once the group is authorized you can upload your creations. The contest will end when there are enough good entries and the winner will be decided by the group admins. Thanks and have fun!


i got holidays now so you can expect a banner from me in the next few days

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MattmanDude Author


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Are we allowed to post WIPs?

Also, my entry will be a model + anim, that cool? atleast Imma do it cuz Im started :D

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MattmanDude Author

Sure... go crazy man!

And if you want to post your WIP then that's fine. :D

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