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And the winner is........................................

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So it seem that the real fight was between Skin 1 and 3

While they where really close Skin number 3 had a few more voters on most of the polls I made (Here, on the forum, and in forum)


Thank you all for voting

I really sorry I couldn't satisfy all of you out there, To be honset Banshee didn't really was on my plan bord to begin with, I just thought it will be cool as Eater egg for TS fans and went ahead to add it ^^

If someone want to use Sarge_Rho model for his mod he can find it here

The black Skin (Skin 1) is actually the default skin that come with the model but lacking Damage skin and need to use some shader in order to work in KW,

I made the Damage skins and made the other skins for it and also imported the shaders, so if anyone out there want the black skin for his own mod just PM me

Banshee currently is weak untrainable scout plane and not a bomber (remeber it there for easter egg sake only) you can get it though other means though

I don't mind listen to people suggestions however so go ahead and tell me what on your mind

If it idea that won't ruin the balanace I will consider to use it


i Like the Banshee :D

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egozi44 Author

As you saw in the picture and video the thing they shoot is red since they not bomber anymore, not the same version from TS war, and because I thought it will be unique

If people want it in the old green fashion though let me know

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MrTimm/Taxikiller doesn't actually have anything to do with the model. I made that on my own :P

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egozi44 Author

Oh alright, Sorry, will edit it then ^^

Thanks making it btw, it still look awesome even today : P

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