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The new anime & manga group is now live on MODDB, and some information about forthcoming anime series.

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Welcome to the new anime & manga group! The intention of this group page is to let people talk about anime / manga; upload videos or images or to find out about different series.

I'm intending to periodically update the page with articles about forthcoming series, and possibly some articles looking back on series which have aired.

So without further ado, perhaps this is a good juncture to mention that the Spring anime season formally ends today as does the long running Gosick which began way back in Winter. There have been many notable shows airing in this last season - Nichijou, Tiger & Bunny, Steins Gate and the newly returned Gintama all seem to have been especially popular amongst fans. Other series which deserve honorable mention include Denpa Onna and The World God Only Knows 2.

Summer season begins next week with a lot of people seemingly be excited about Usagi Drop, Yuru Yuri, Kamisama Dolls and strangely The Idolmaster. Other series worth keeping an eye include Morita-san (which looks like a safe bet for an enjoyable slice of life series), Baka to Test 2 (fans of the first series will know what to expect) and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (which looks set to follow in the wake of Gosick).

Lastly, hints of what will broadcast this Autumn include the final series of Shakugan no Shana, Working!! series 2 and Guilty Crown - the latter of which is being produced by people who worked on Death Note and Code Geass (though little else is known for now).

That's all for now, hopefully this group and these articles prove useful to the passer by!

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