This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.

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Good AMV :P

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Anime in the AMV = Eden of the East

(Information about the Anime - series)
On Monday, November 22, 2010, ten missiles strike against uninhabited areas of Japan, claiming no victims. This apparent terrorist act is referred to as "Careless Monday" and disregarded by most people. The series begins three months later, on Sunday, February 13, 2011, when a young Japanese woman named Saki Morimi visits Washington D.C. as part of her graduation trip. When she gets into trouble, a mysterious Japanese man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, helps her through it. The man appears to have no memory and is completely naked, carrying only a gun and a cell phone charged with ¥8.2 billion in digital money. While they are coming back to Japan, they learn that a new missile has hit their country. Akira discovers that his phone is part of a game created by a "Mr. Outside", and that he himself is one of the participants. The game consists of twelve individuals, dubbed Seleção (Portuguese: "Selection"), who are given ¥10 billion to "save" Japan in some way. The Seleção are able to use the phone operator, Juiz (Portuguese: "Judge"), to fulfill any kind of order for a price. However, if the money is used up completely or for selfish purposes, the individual will be eliminated by the Supporter, the anonymous "twelfth man" of the group, actually revealed to be Seleção No. 12. The title of the series comes from the name of a cell phone application developed by several of Saki's friends, which provides an advanced online image recognition and social networking service. The Eden of the East software can almost immediately recognize and provide details about nearly any object, allowing users to submit images and comments to use as data for future recognition.

Song = General Elektriks - Take Back the Instant

There are 11 episodes of this anime series
And 2 Full movies

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