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Star Wars: Deadliest Warrior: Maul vs Katarn
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Being as the Jedi Knight franchise are my favorite games... allow me to help sway your favor the other way.

Maul gets taken down by an Apprentice Obi-Wan. Let's just take a moment and let that sink in.

In JK1 Kyle Katarn kills 6 fully trained Dark Jedi (several were masters... two he fought at once... one carried two lightsabers... and Jerec their leader had already been through the Valley of the Jedi).

In JK2 Kyle Katarn goes through the Valley of the Jedi and so begins his transformation into one of the most powerful Jedi to ever live. He has powerful telekinesis, Palpitine level force lightning, healing, protection, absorb, mind trick, etc. Through the course of JK2 he kills dozens if not hundreds of cloned Dark Jedi, as well as the Dark Jedi Desann (who is a much more intimidating foe than Darth Maul).

Then there's the events of JK3 and several Star Wars novels...

Now, I'm not saying that Darth Maul isn't a badass, or that he's a pushover... but seriously, he'd have no chance against Kyle Katarn. (I mean hell, wasn't he a Sith Apprentice at the time? Maybe a Sith Knight?)

Now... ROBO-MAUL! That's a closer match up, lol. But Episode 1 Maul, in my opinion anyway, doesn't even stand a chance.

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Commissar_Delta Author

yeah its best to just stay away from that cyborg maul situation so I put 100% maul rather than 50% maul in

And if i knew you were so knowledgeable, i would have consulted you whilst making this.

very good then, i have been swayed

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Kyle Katarn wins. His force abbilities range from:

Force Jump
Force Speed
Force Push
Force Shield
Lightsaber Throw
Force Heal
Force Projection

Maul... well.. He doesn't have force Heal or Shield. So.. Yeah. Maul's screwed.

Pkus I have Dark Forces 1 and 2 (including dark Forces 2's expansion called Mysteries of the Sith), Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

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Commissar_Delta Author

the force jump, speed, and push fell under the category that I labeled "standard force abilities"

saber throw and heal i wasn't sure about

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It would be a close contest, but your right, Kyle would win, he might get wounded but he'd still win.

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Darth Maul:

CQB Weapons: Double bladed lightsaber

Ranged Weapons: None

Standard Force Abilities + or - saber throw and force choke (SW:BF2)

Kyle Katarn:

CQB Weapons: Light Saber Single blade

Ranged Weapons: been known to frequently use Blasters

Standard Force Abilities (the wookieepedia page did not give much info and i haven't played Dark Forces since i was 6)

CQB Weapons: Edge=Maul

Ranged Weapons: Edge= Katarn

Abilities: Edge = slight advantage to Maul

Outcome: I was really on the fence about this one. on one hand you got maul who Ive seen in Phantom Menace and played as extensively in SW:BF2 and on the other hand you have Kyle Katarn who I don't know that much about outside of what I've played of Star Wars: Dark Forces which i have not played in quite along time. My sourcebooks did not help much either, i could not find much information on his force abilities.

Victory: Kyle Katarn

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