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Suspected photo of China′s SAC F-60 prototype
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rkraptor70 Author

It is just me or virtually no one seems to comment on Chinese photos?

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Sakura Matou

I do..I think XD

But this plane looks like a model to me.

PS. I like the Chinese Aircraft, sure they may be in production under License or "Inspired" by other aircraft but they have their own distict Flavor and style.

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There's not much to discuss... The Chinese military doesn't have much of a need to justify its funding to the public since the country is autocratic, and as a result almost nothing concrete is released to the public about any of its military equipment under development.

Not that I put much trust into anything that's posted to this group (people here seem to be vastly over-confident in their knowledge of highly secretive combat aircraft, including ones not even out of early developmental phases), but with western and Russian aircraft there's at least some semi-reliable information available from official sources. Any discussion of new Chinese aircraft is basically going to be pure speculation, making it rather pointless.

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Sakura Matou

Actually..I tend to use actual Sources such as Jane's and aviation week..and various defense publications.

I tend not to comment on things unless I Know what it is and tend to state if it is only my opinion.

I only go by what I research and discuss on some aviation forums ((not named and can assure you I at least know more then some of the people here do. Not saying all but some.

As far as Chinese next gen fighters I really don't know much about them.

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The aerospace industry is ridiculously protective of trade secrets. I've personally found it practically impossible to get even remotely detailed technical information on commercially available aircraft from the manufacturer (luckily, as it turns out, a lot of pilot's manuals get leaked onto the internet), and I can't imagine the defense industry is any less protective.

There is still a significant amount of speculation (trying to use aircraft geometry to estimate speeds, ect.) even within respectable periodicals like Jane's, and they tend to contain data that is, at most, lacking of any useable context such as cruise speed or minimum turning radius. In particular, conventional measures of acrobatic ability, such as the behavior of short-period oscillations, are practically never provided. Ultimately, the root of all information on non-operational military aircraft is the military, and the they rarely have any incentive to be truthful or thorough in what they release.

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Sakura Matou

Very true and I never denied that fact, but a lot of leaks do come out Via Joint excercises such as Al Dhafra and test flights when they try to sell aircraft to countries in heated Competitions, India, Japan and Austrailia and Brazil all have made public statements about aircraft they are looking at. The most sensitive things are usually the Avionics and Radars, weapons systems, Pilot Interface etc. and those are the hardest to speculate on. Flight Dynamics are not that easy to hide when your running a simulation to sell an Aircraft or actually flying one in a sales pitch, fly off, or Al Dhafra type exercise. I think this is Where Jane's Defense weekly, and Aviation week pull their resources plus they have Industy "Insiders" that feed them information if you catch my drift. Both Publications that I subscribe to.

+1 Karma mind if I shoot you a friend request as well? :3

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Not to disparage, but another Raptor Knock off? Lnock off something better! Like a YF-23!

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I think it's less of a ripoff and more of "this are only so many aerodynamic ways to build a 5th generation stealth fighter" That's why all current 5th generation stealth fighters look somewhat alike...

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Since this photo came from Russia Today, might as well take it with a grain of salt.

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Source: RT news.

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