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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou

Rafale Vs. F-35.

Thought it would be a realistic Match up Given The Mission profiles of both Aircraft. And both are in the battle for winning Export Customers against each other.

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"Bad cockpit visibility on F-35" - LOLWHAT?

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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou

Most of the Cockpit is space for Monitors and electronics in the F-35--Not a very Good View when you need to Turn Behind or look down Quickly. You can't just Judge reality with a picture.

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I doubt that Rafale's cockpit has more visibility than F-35 one's
P.S i dont think Rafale is bad jet...

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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou

Actually..I'm pretty sure it does.

Also what will Cockpit Visibility matter when the F-35 Can't Dog Fight worth beans.

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This is the cockpit layout of the F-35:

The F-35 and F-22 both were designed with human interfaces as a primary concern, and have probably the best cockpit layouts in existance. The F-15 was revolutionary due to its excellent electronics, but suffered for the exact same reason-the amount of information available was simply overwhelming to pilots. Pilot skill for the F-15 was mostly measured by how well a person could make sense of the many, many monitors, dials and other sensors while simultaneously being aware of their position in combat. The newer aircraft allow pilots to focus more on combat by greatly condensing sensor outputs and other cockpit functions, and this has been a huge selling point for the military.

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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou

I think the Apache begs to Differ..

Anyways You made a good post and I am well aware what the F-35 and F-22s Cockpit is and what it is meant to do.

But you do Know the Rafale and Su-Series Have the same Capability yes?

And the Visibility of looking at screens even if they show the Enviroment is NOT the same in a combat turn and Burn Situation. Sure the Heads Up Display will help in the Helmet, display Info but in engagements with an Aircraft that have the same Capability it's a moot point.. and Pilots Vision will play a factor up Close and personal more so. The F-35 in this care will not have better Visibility. Wing Obstruction , Cockpit Obstruction the plane ETC.

I'm taking the Rafale..or pretty Much any Gen 4+ fighter over the F-35

PS. +1 karma

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