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Santa's Sleigh.
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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou


Although it is classified how he delivers the presents once he gets to the houses it is very unlikley that he slides down every chimney, it is likley he has teleporter that just allows the presents to be delivered under every tree and in every stocking. The present delivering computer, and the navigation and flight computers are like the most powerful processors on Earth to be able to store so much info and process the most efficent routes.

One again and amazing feat of aeronautics.

Specs ((est.))

Speed. 650 miles per second, ((1046 KMs per second))

Payload. 321,300 tons although varies so the Max payload is unknown, but this is the average.

Powerplant. 8 ((sometimes nine for all weather operations)) Magical Reindeer.

Crew. One, although two or three helper elves may be along but this is unknown.

Avionics, Unknown method of calculating efficient routes or present delivery system, but likely the most advanced method on the planet.

Range. At least 15 million miles, ((24,140,160 kms)) But may be more.

And last but not least...Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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In other news, Santa seen flying the F-22 Raptor:

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Damn, looks like we won't be getting any presents this year!

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Sakura Matou AuthorSubscriber
Sakura Matou

What's wrong with the F-22?

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Tiny payload...

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Lol, awesome. Merry Christmas everybody!

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Designed with the unique purpose of delivering presents to about 30 percent of the children in the world within 32 hours ((due to the date line)) This Aircraft was an extremly radical design.

Not only was it needed to be capable of enormous speed, but also enormous payload, a feat that has yet to be seen in an aircraft.

Several aircraft were proposed but eventually a radical design was brought to the table.

It was to be crafted by an unknown wood with incredible stregth to be capable of carrying the enormous payload and with standing the friction of the air since the vehicle will be traveling close to 650 miles per second or 3000 times the speed of sound. To achive such speeds as no conventional engines are powerful enough they came up with the radical Idea of powering the vehicle with 8 magical flying Reindeer ((Nine for when their are poor visability condtions using a special "Glowing red nose" on one of the lead reindeer))

Another issue that was needed to be over come was for the pilot and the Reindeer to be protected from the enormous Friction, G-Forces and sudden changes in pressure they will have to endure. Although it is unknown how the achieved protection for the Reindeer, For the Pilot a large, magical, red felt like suit was created to reist such thing like an astronaut's space suit in a way, but it is a mystery of what the material is and why his face and skin are still exposed and he still suffers no ill effects.

The last issue came with the cargo hold to carry it's massive payload of toys and coal.The vehicle would have to be enormous to carry such a massive load but it was no bigger then a normal sleigh. Once again designers turned to magic, and built a large Red Sack that some how uses the ability to create a dimensional portal to store such a massive payload and some how allows santa to find what ever he is searching for in the sack with ease ((likley some sort of psychic link))

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