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Finnish BF109G6 and Morko Morane M.S406
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I'd prefer Bf109...

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ℱℓσℊℊℯɾ Author

Actually the Morko Moarne M.S406 can be really a tough opponent when handled gentally , and I actually like to fly the Morko M.S 406 simply because it was not famous , not a super powerful Mechersmith or Supermarine Spitfire or a Mustang or YAK or any other famous aircraft I like it because it was still weak it needs some pilot skills like you need to use your brain not just use your tool. IMO of course . also since it was an upgrade done by a minor nation and I actually like playing as minor nations :P

BTW after couple of minutes the BF109 collided with the M.S MORKO... :D

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I use fast, less maneuverable planes like FW190. Mustang sucks with it's firepower and it's fragile. Yak is kind of plane I don't really get. Guys on server fly on La5 and if there are no Lavochkins, they go rather for I16 than Yaks. Yak - slower than Bfs, easy to end in stall, no firepower...

And sometimes I jump in I153 just for fun. To see which of blue guys has bloodrage strong enough to fight in sharp turns... there is always someone who tries, hehehe...

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ℱℓσℊℊℯɾ Author

Actually the YAK-9U is really good and it can own sometimes, but I also don't like the YAK I also don't seem to be able to "get it" FW190 is the best IMO because of its firepower when you are lazy :P it also makes a balance between speed maneuverablity and firepower,Japanese aircraft suck although some of them can really own ,BTW what do you think about Italian fighters? plenty of them suck IMO except of the G.55 and the MC205, and I personally don't like the I16 and the I153, these early Soviet aircraft have a serious lack of speed. :P

BTW I can't play online here because internet connection here simply ...thumbs down... :S

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In real I wouldn't like to be in Italian plane. In Il2 MC205 is quite good. Has some armament as well as it can be quite fast. But it requires some experience, I can't fly them. But some guys do and they really can own Spit or Mustang.

Japanese had Zero nearly until end, but in the beginning it was pretty good. And I prefer late version like A6M5 over Corsair, or Hellcat. Simply because of armament. Try Shiden, Raiden, or Ki84, those are hi-tech. Fast and powerful.

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I153, because Bf guys always underestimate it's firepower going head-on with it (haha, biplane), and if they don't get serious damage when planes pass, they will get it a second later - since I153 can turn quickly. But yes, if they don't want to fight, they can run and I have no chance to catch them.

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