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It's been a while since I did a article and I decided to do one for heaven sake's.

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Hello everyone! It's nice to see you guy's hanging on to the group. We have gotten a few new member's and it's cool to see that. I have just finished up a Adventure Time Documentary about the Great Mushroom War.

It look's good and I am happy with it. I am still continuing it in a series so I can follow the adventure time storyline. I have watched all the Episode's, and I was like "WHAT?" when the Lich turned into some kind of baby thing. Hey it was a good episode no doubt. I been doing stuff and thing's and I am getting into a lot of Adventure Time related stuff. I am now leading a entire group on making a entire Adventure Time Mushroom War Episode. Not easy at all.

I been doing so much stuff It's over whelming at time's. Right now it's super late and I am going to be tired for sure. So James returned for the last time "Maybe" and into the desert. I predict he will be back and help Finn and Jake take down a massive evil. Thing's are building up to something you guy's and I am so excited to see what it may be.

Also I learned Adventure Time will be renewed for a 7th Season! That's right another season is waiting for us after Season 6. I hope Adventure Tine does not die for a long time. Atleast two more year's.

I just wanted to update you guy's and also I will post upcoming episodes below and I have been trying to post all the Adventure Time episodes since I got "Earth & Water" Episode. It has not worked out ever since. I will keep trying.

Enjoy the list and have a Adventure day everyone!

Upcoming episodes -

"The Tower" - Finn is not happy with his replacement arms, so he builds a tower into space to retrieve his old one.

"Food Chain" - TBA
"Princess Day" - TBA

"Breezy" - TBA


Link to the Adventure Time Documentary


Keep watching the group for more Adventure Time details everyone!!!


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