This is a group for all people who love or grew up with these 5th gen games. the 5th gen is also known as the 32-64 bit era and is the time of the atari jaguar (which was te first in the era and was 64 bit), the 32 bit psx, the 3d0, sega 32x, sega saturn, n64 etc.

Post news Report RSS Lionhead Studios will now be closed down

Along with Press Play, advertises Microsoft.

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Lionhead Studios will now be closed down

Along with Press Play, advertises Microsoft

Microsoft Studios says that it is the end of Lionhead Studios and Press Play studios, and there are also projects Fable Legends and Project Knoxville canceled. But they also tell on that this is not the end of the Microsoft supported games. Xbox Wire could 7th March tell that Microsoft with the heavy heart had resolved to cancel games Fable Legends and Project Knoxville.

Meanwhile, the talks with utivklerne from Lionhead Studios and Press Play studios in connection with closures of both studios. Lionhead Studios has since 1996 been responsible for franchises such as Black & White, The Movies and, not least, Fable. Microsoft announces that it is not because of developers' talents and efforts, which is why the closures.

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This does not mean that Microsoft Studios must stop supporting and publish games. It have been told that that they will continue to stand behind the game from all budget ranges; ranging from small indie games as the Sea of the Thieves to triple A game Quantum Break.


It's clearly a big loss for the gaming industry that new studios will be closed, especially those who have maintained good franchises with many faithful followers. We all can only hope that 2016 also offers more good than bad news.

TKAzA Staff

Very sad day!

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Kark-Jocke Author

Indeed... I've always been a fan of Fable games. It's one of the few reasons why I have a xbox console first place.

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You bought Xbox to **** off TaterOnge x'D

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Kark-Jocke Author

Still one of the few reasons why I have a xbox console ^_^

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& nothing of value was lost

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Just a Note: If a big company (like Microsoft) publishes it, it's not an indie game (Looking at Sea of Thieves). Just because a game has simple graphics, it does not mean it is an indie game.

Indie games can have any graphics, what defines a game as an indie game is if it was developed by an indie (independent) developer, since Rare (the devs of Sea of Thieves) is a subsidiary of M$, it is not an indie game.

Natural Selection 2 (UWE) has great graphics, and it's an indie game. Valiant Hearts (Ubisoft) has simple graphics, and it's not an indie game.

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Sad to see them go :(

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Are you in this picture?

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Kark-Jocke Author

Are you asking me?

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Peter Molyneux just doesn't have good luck with the gaming industry... First Bullfrog gets absorbed into EA, now this. Two companies now, shut down.

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