In memory of the Army Men series featuring plastic soldiers fighting Tyranny, this group is to simply remember the days on the playstation, fighting the Tan enemies. sadly 3DO went out of business, leaving us to continue its series, help when you can so we can create more great mods and games in the name of Army Men

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Nov 21 2010 Anchor

This is from a user named 'newbie.' who made these , I thought Id want to share them.

The Tan

The Tan are a high-tech faction of the game; They start with Weak Militia Like units, Then to Troopers, then to Guardsmen.. Following much like the Soviets in EF.

Field HQ

Field Engineer
a 2 Man Builder unit, armed with Pistols.

Trooper Recruitment Stand [Tier1]

a 5 man Sqaud, the Volksgrenadiers of the Tan, armed with 5 Assault Rifles/Carbines, can upgrade to a Anti-Material Heavy sniper rifle (Strangely, without a scope!)
230MP. 4POP.

Requires the Upgrade from the Research Centre "Recruit the Masses 1"
Strelky of The Tan.
a 4 man Unit, armed with 3 Assault Carbines and 1 LMG.
265MP. 5POP.

Requires the Upgrade from the Research centre "Recruit the masses 2"
KCH of the Tan.
A 4 man unit, armed with Automatic Carbines and FRAG Greandes.
6 Pop. 345 MP. 5 Munitions.

Must have both Recruit the masses upgrade. a Transport, Armoured, Armed with a HMG.
Abilitys: Fast Wheels - for 10 seconds, It moves REALLY fast! 25MUNI.
Cost: 390MP. 20Plastine.
Upgrades: Field Gun - Replace the HMG with a Light 25mm Cannon. 50 MUNI. 10 Plastine.

Support Masses

MMG Unit
a 2 man unit, 1 Medium Machine Gun, 1 Pistol.
250MP. 10 MUNI. 2POP.

Demo Guy
5 men armed with 3 Bolt-action rifles and 2 Greande lauchers, can throw a Bacon Greande (Heavy AT Greande, Mock of the British Gammon Greande xD)
450MP. 25MUNI. 4 POP.
Abilitys: Throw Bacon - 50 MUNI - Throw a Heavy AT Greande.
Smoke Screen - Drop a Smoke Green - FREE, Recharge.
Upgrades: bombers: 20 Muni - When the sqaud dies, the last man sets off 3 Greandes as he dies. This can cause friendly fire!

A Single man armed with a Automatic Scoped Carbine
440MP. 5MUNI. 2Pop.

Robotic Mk. 1
A Small man sized robot, armed with a Flamethrower and a Minigun.
500MP. 25MUNI. 5POP. Always has the effect of Light Cover, When in negative cover, has the effect of No cover.

Enemy's of the will Barracks

Guerilla Unit
a 7 man unit, armed with S.M.G's.
600MP. 8POP.
Ability: Throw a Molotov Cocktail - 5MUNI.

Robotic Storm Unit
A 3 men unit with Jetpacks, move very fast, armed with Revolver's

Hunter Unit
Armed with 3 AT Rifles, VERY BAD V. INFANTRY!
490MP. 15MUNI. 4POP.

The General
The General of the Tan forces. Armed with a Machine Pistol.
Light Arty Strike - Only Non-Doctrinal Arty the tan has, and it's Very weak. No cost, Recharge.
Disposable Flame-thrower: Use a short-range Disposable Flame-thrower to burn down Plastine. 50MUNI.
Plant Mines - Plant 3 Low-power mines. 10 muni.
Heavy SMG - Arm him with a Heavy SMG. 20MUNI.
Cost: 560MP. 3POP.
Light War-wagon
A Light Tank, 50mm Gun, Reskinned Puma.
Can Fire off a canister of 6 Toxic shells from it's side. - 75 MUNI - Burns down Infantry
560MP. 50Plastine.

Robotic Mk. 2
A Heavy AT/AI Unit - Armed with a Armour-Piercing Minigun - and a 3-Barreled Rocket-Laucher.
780MP. 50FUEL. 10POP.

Armour Factory;

Tan Medium War-wagon
A Reskinned M4Sherman-76 High power, low speed, Not good vs Infantry. Can upgrade to a Minigun ontop to Add more power.
Upgrades: M1634 Minigun - Arm with a top mounted Minigun.
Cost: 580MP. 80Plastine.

Tan Storm-wagon
A Reskinned King-Tiger tank. Armed with a Superheavy Gun, a Flame-thrower and 2 strapped together Miniguns, But is Vularble to even the weakest mines.
800MP. 100Plastine.

Tan Plasma-Tank
Akalonor's Tank. Badass. Nuff 'sed.
1000MP. 135Plastine. 20 MUNI.

Roboto-con Mark XXII
Heavy, Most powerful unit ingame. But very slow. Armed with:
1 Flame-thrower
1 Canister-Shotgun
1 Minigun.
2 Missle Lauchers.
And Ofcourse, a Anti-Tank Greande Thrower.
1500MP. 150FUEL. (MASSIVE Price)

Tan have 3 Doctrines, or "Tactics"

Storm (Offensive)
Hold the Border (Defence)
Artillery - What it says on the tin.


1CP - For The General ------1CP - Tan Shockers - 10 man with
All Men Fight Harder!-------- Carbines, but very weak.
2CP- For the General---------2CP - Tank Destroyer
Mark 2...................---------Call in light TankD estroyer.
All the men Fight ALOT------4CP - Defend the front
Harder, and .............------When your HQ is lost, 5 Miltia
can throw FRAG's......------Spawn at your HQ.
3CP - AA-Tank, Armed
with 2 AA Guns,
Good v Aircraft
and Infantry.

Hold the Border Tactics

2CP - You can build.........-------3CP - Build a Heavy AT Gun
a Light Minigun Nest, armed ---- Placement, 17-Pdr like
with 3 Miniguns................------1CP- Pyro-Call in a pyro
2CP- Heavy Bunker - Build a -----2 units with Flamers.
2Minigun and 2 Flamer armed-----3CP- Call in a Osprey
Bunker.............................-----Heli with Missle lauchers
5CP - Build a Seige Gun.----------
Only built once, Superheavy AT---
Gun - Power of thets say,---------
a Maus.

Artillery Tactics

1CP- Mortar----2CP-Better Arty. General can call in a more powerful
call in a Mortar.--- Arty Strike now!
2CP-LeIG----------4CP - Arty Command Truck - call in a Arty
Call in a Inf.Gun----Command truck, has long sight, can built
Good vs Infantry---- Demo Sqauds and Mortar-APC's
3CP- Call in a---------4CP - Mobile Arty - a Reskinned Hummel.
SPG - Reskinned-------Much more powerful, however.
The Blue
The Blue are the French Resistance Infulenced.
They have low-combat units, that Are allied with the Green. They support the greens behinde enemy lines.


Espionage HQ

Can build:

a 2 Man unit, armed with Silenced Pistols. Very weak
Can build Buildings.
Can plant all Defences (Plastic Tank Traps, Plastic Wire, Plastic Sand Bags, and Hydro-Mines (10MUNI)
Can Cloak.
100MP. 2POP.

Recon Bike.

A 1 man Bike, cannot attack, but can run away!
Can cloak whilst moving, and Recon out Territory.
Abilitys: 50MUNI - Lower Resources in the Sector.
120MP. 5FUEL. 2 POP.

Resistance HQ

3 men, armed with Machine Pistols, Low combat power, but very cheap.
Can Cloak.
Abilitys: Plant Plasto-TNT {50MUNI_
Throw AP-Greande - Throw a Anti-Plastine Greande, rip through vechicles. 70MUNI.
Resistance Fighters - Arm with Plastic Armour and SMG's. 75MUNI.
240MP. 3POP.

a 3 Man team, 1 Sniper with a Scoped Hunting rifle, 1 Spotter with a Hunting Rifle, and 1 Radio Operator with a Carbine.
280MP. 4POP.

Explosive Sniper;
1 man armed with a Crossbow with a Explosive End and a Scope, when it hits, it is like a Greande!

Support & Sabotarge Barracks

Medical Officer
a 2 Man Pistol Sqaud, Heals nearby Units.
220MP. 5MUNI.2POP.

a 2 Man Shotgun Sqaud, can repair tanks.
250MP. 10MUNI. 3POP.

a 2 man Pyrotenic-Greande laucher team, fires Flame-greandes.
450MP. 3POP. 25MUNI.

Vechicle Assembly

Cloaker Tank -
Light tank with 2 MG's and can Cloak AND Retreat.
320MP. 50FUEL. 4POP.

A Flame-tank, With 2 Flamers and a MG.
550MP. 50FUEL. 6POP.

Stolen Medium War-Wagon:
A Stolen Tan War-wagon.
600MP. 80FUEL. 10POP.

Brigadier -
Commander of the Blue. hAs 5 Abilitys, all for free apart from 2:
1: Throw Bundelled FRAG.
2: Throw Bundelled PYRO.
3: Switch from Pistol to sniper rifle (And Vice-Versa)
4: Call in Red Support (Call in 3 Red Army Sqauds, 2 Riflemen armed with 5 Assault rifles, and 1 Captured Tan APC Carrying a AT Sqaud with 2 RPG's. Cost: 600MP.
5: Call in a Galatic Army unit: 2 Space-Marines with Heavy Weapons, and 2 Light Plasma Tanks.


Stealth, Combat Resistance, and Tank-Destroyer.


Left Side: Sneaky.

1CP: Infiltration - Sneak in a Unarmed, Permately cloaked (Only uncloaked by the General) Recon sqaud.
2CP: Recon better!
Recon Sqaud can now cap points.
1CP: Arm em up - Arm the Recon with Pistols so they can fight.

Right side:

99%.. Loading...
Increase your Resource income when the abilityis active.
2CP: Cloaker Bunker - a Light Bunker armed with 5 Scoped Hunting Rifle troops. 340MP and 45 MUNI to Build.
3CP: Really sneaky...
Hidden Offmap Guerilla's sneak supplys from your unlinked Sectors back, but 25% Less than normal.

Combat Resistance - Sneak in some TOTALLY Powerful troops!

Left side: Call upon

2CP: Call in a Commando trupp armed with LMG's and Greandes.
Can take on Guardsmen 1-on-1.
3CP: Storm-Tank - Sneak in a Paratrooper sqaud (Same as Green) And a Airborne Tank (Reskinned Tetarch)
5CP: Rockets - Fire a A.C.I.D Missle to crush them!
(Power of V1 but has a Acid affect after)

Right side: elite Troops

1CP: Captured Guardsmen - call in some Gaurdsmen from the Tan, but they fight worse.
2CP: Fake combat troops - Spawn a group of 5 Saboteurs, But they're unarmed and can only build defences/cap points.
6CP: For the Homeland! Call in a UH-1 Huey Helicopter with 2 Miniguns and 2 Greande Lauchers to Patrol a Area.

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