Mod of the Year 2007

80,000 votes. 4,000 mods. Only 10 winners.

Mod DB and the 5th Annual Mod of the Year Awards is the definitive event that showcases the best mods in the world and recognizes the mod teams behind them. The “MOTY” is a tribute to the creativity, dedication & hard work independent developers put into creating unique gaming experiences that enable us to "Play Something Different".

Mod DB brings you the best mods in the industry. You decide which ones are worthy of recognition. At the top of this program sits the ultimate prize... the Mod of the Year Award! Thanks to our sponsors, this year we have greatly enhanced the program with video content, interactive features and top shelf prizes.

From Nov 15th to Jan 1st, industry professionals, developers, gamers and the general public cast their votes to decide which mods define the cutting edge of interactive entertainment & which mod teams attain gaming celebrity.

For those new to mods, a modification is a variation of an original game that can be freely downloaded. These variations can be minor or epic in scope. In brief:

  • Mods unlock and expand the incredible power of games
  • Mod making is an art form that empowers creative expression

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Mod Making 101
Wally Making ModsWally Making Mods

The Art Institute Online, a Division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, is proud to present Mod Making 101 - Your guide to developing a mod and launching a career in the gaming industry.

As you work towards creating your 1st or 40th mod, have you considered earning a degree in Game Art & Design? The Art Institute Online programs provide you the freedom to attend class anytime - day or night - from anywhere you connect to the Internet.

The Art Institute Online, a Division of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, offers a Bachelors degree in Game Art & Design online program, a creative community, game career specific course offerings along with experienced instructors and faculty, and career planning. In sum, the Art Institute Online can help you launch your career. If you would like to embark on a path to develop your talents and realize your dreams, contact the Art Institute Online today!

Review the Art Institute Online's Game Art and Design Program

Getting Started with Modding

So you want to customize your games? We are here to help get you started and have tons of information available.

  • What is a Mod? - Learn about mods and the different types of game mods available.
  • Play Mods - For those that want to "play something different" - it is time to game!
  • Mod Making Tools - Tools to help you mod, used by both pros and beginners
  • Our Forums - Join in the discussion and talk to the pros - ask them questions!
  • Join a Mod Team - Have fun, be creative and learn hot new skills.
  • Community Tutorials - Whether you want to learn mapping, modeling, skinning or something else, we have your questions answered.
  • Make your own Mod - So you want to have a shot at making a mod? Don't start without first reading our introductory guide.
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