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Sep 3 2013 Anchor

Tell us about your encounters in the zone here! Accompany your stories with screens for that extra bit of tension!

Sep 3 2013 Anchor

Oh, a story? Let me think, maybe Papa loner has something for you.

Scar wrote: It was back in 2011, when I went to the Army Warehouses, to search for a missing group. I had to meet a certain Mercenary group in the old bloodsucker village. While I talked to them, suddenly a bloodsucker jumped out of the bushes! I wasn't able to do anything, but the mercs were quick enough to react...with the pure fear in their faces. But that wasn't all about these blood-sucking bastards! The mercenaries told me to go to the old water tower, to gain contact to the group, with a mission popping up on my PDA. "Kill the Bloodsucker", near the water tower. "Well", I thought, "at least I am prepared". So I took out this double barreled sawed-off shotgun I always carry with me. But, let me tell you that, you can NEVER be prepared in the Zone! Suddenly, TWO bloodsuckers sneaked up to my position and tried to avoid combat, these silent assholes. You just can't see them! But human instincts are far better than stupid bloodsucker ones. I heard silent steps behind me...I turned around and -BOOM- two barrels of pure shot, directly in this ugly shit's face. But there was still another one. I haven't realized that, so the attack came very surprising for me...always keep your shotgun loaded! Otherwise, I wouldn't write this here. I climbed up to the water tower, and I suddenly heard barking and growling noises from below. A pack of Dogs, and not just dogs, Pseudo-Dogs! These wild and intelligent creatures want to trap me! And another lesson: Always have a grenade ready to use. I threw one of it down there, hoping the shockwave wouldn't break the planks I am standing on; but nothing happened. So, I gained my contact to the missing group and ran back to the forester, for further instructions.
I hope you learned, STALKER!
- Scar

I have experienced some of this, except from the bloodsuckers. There are Karliks now...but you know the story. This all was found in 2012 on a dropped PDA near Limansk, referring to the STALKER who killed Fang.

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Sep 5 2013 Anchor

These are my old ones

My craziest zone adventure: Well I was playing OGSE mod for my first time on Master of course. So I was at the Agroprom underground and soon as I picked the USB two bloodsuckers spawned next to me I jumped out of my chair but luckily for me they did not attacked me in the room where they spawned they were running out from there so that was not a big problem to deal with them. Finally I reached the exit from the underground normally one controller spawns there in vanilla so I was getting prepared for him and then BANG! 2 controllers with 5 rats spawned so I got insta-raped I died around 4 or 6 times and then I got lucky the grenade I threw killed the rats and the first controller then I finished second one with AK :D
And then I came on surface aaand there were 2 turrets waiting for me on the top of the building.

So this one is from Clear Sky. I was in Red Forest wiping out Renegades in the abandoned mine and getting the Compass artifact soon after that my Duty comrades arrived and captured the Renegades camp so I thought: I have no further business here I better return to Forester and soon as I moved out I spotted hole in the ground by the rails and of course basic human desire curiosity driven me to look there annnd of course big surprise was waiting for me there pissed off Poltergeist I thought: that will be easy mode with my Fully anomaly oriented upgraded SEVA suit and with OTs Groza that I picked off from dead Renegade I was very wrong those Poltergeists are very overpowered in Clear sky so it teared me apart in seconds It took me while to kill it and finally when it was dead I've got the satisfying feeling when you kill strong opponent and hit f6 :D And even more satisfying reward was waiting for me there Rg6 launcher! I've got real good time with it at the bridge :D

I will write more...too lazy at moment :P

Sep 6 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your submission :D

Sep 10 2013 Anchor

Here goes another one from Narodnaya Solyanka/ Stalker Soup! I went to the Bar with the Agroprom documents and I was REALLY happy that I completed the Agroprom underground task it took me half an hour to figure how to get into the hideout those stupid teleports! Well anyways two controllers were waiting for me at the Bar luckily they did not noticed me so I crouched and approached them very carefully. So I was getting ready to take the shot and of course I failed. Soon as I shot at one of them I've got yellow vision and really annoying screen shaking and of course I got brain raped/ killed. After some tries I managed to kill them with grenades and they got some real strange loot on them cigarettes, hands and some documents which magically disappeared in my inventory just like in Misery 2.0 :D I found porn mags and artifacts on controllers. Remember Stalkers! in Stalker Soup/ Narodnaya Solyanka you will have to deal with controllers in Bar which you cannot avoid and in OGSE mod chimera awaits you in the same place BUT you can avoid it and let Stalkers and Dutiers to deal with it. Oh and don't forget to loot the chimera in OGSE mod their fangs and claws are real expensive valuables so you can have some easy rubles :D

That's all for today I will post more in future.

Sep 19 2013 Anchor

The tale of the Daystar artefact ...

Mod: Particle Paradise 2.2 (not a typo)
Location: Agroprom Institute

As I descended from the hills north of the military compound, just after assassinating the military in the shed, in the late evening hours of the zone, I see flashlights come closer to me. I duck, after reloading my fully cleaned VSS Vintorez. I wait in cover, surrounded by the leaves of the bush I'm hiding in, waiting for the patrol to walk past. They are looking around, looking for something to shoot ... bastards. I'd love to put 2 rounds in each of their skulls, but no. This is a covert operation, my mission here is to sneak past them and get into the compound unseen.

As the walk past me, I skip from tree to tree, laying low and making sure I'm not being tailed. I raise my vintorez and look at the back entrance of the military compound from up the hills. I see 2 flashlights. They're moving slowly, scanning the area they belit. I am eager to pull the trigger, and drag the bodies away into cover but again, no casualties. The legend says that if you manage to infiltrate the compound without anyone seeing you or you killing anyone, the zone will gift you. I creep along the side of the hills to the entrance, waiting for them to reposition themselves, but they stay put. As I wait, I spot the 2 patrolling soldiers from earlier in my adventure. They can't see me because of the pitch dark night, but they're steadily getting closer into my field of view. I take 2,5 steps back and wait for them to once again turn their backs to me ... but they don't.

As they're walking past the other patrols near the entrance of the gate, I hear chatter and laughter. They comfortable .. vulnerable. My hands are eager to lob a grenade along their way. I check my backpack, 126 AP 5.45mm bullets for my enhanced AK74 w/ sil, 67 9x39 hollow points for my VSS and 54 9x19 AP rounds for my silenced and trust worthy Beretta, along with 3 RGD5 nades ... Gotta stay focussed. I've got limited supplies. I won't last against these guys. Suddenly I hear puffs ... breathing, it increases, like the distance between me and the person slims. It's next to me, next to me on the other side of the wall. And there it is, my opening ...

I see 3 stalkers open fire on the base, guns flashing. The military return fire. I sit tight, waiting for the skirmish to end. I wonder within the mids of the firefight:"Why are these guys attacking this heavily fortified place?" ... "ahh, they're dead anyways." ... The shooting stops after 2 minutes. 2 Military soldier's lives were taken. Same went for the stalkers, except one, who was laying on the ground asking for mercy. I got up as 4 soldiers walked towards the moaning corpse. Yeah, he was dead anyway so why bother? ... I don't look back as I hear the final words, followed by a loud shot. Presumably a standard issued SIG p220. I hear them laugh, pigs. I promised myself and those 3 stalkers at the moment of infiltration to return here and slaughter everyone in cold blood, after I've been given my reward.

It's getting dark quickly as I sneak up to the shattered stones that once formed a wall. I creep along the wall to the inner court yard. I stand just outside of the light, when it starts to rain. Perfect, I thought. My ghillied clothing in my backpack will now be of extreme use. I crawl along side the main building to the back, and enter through a small window. I spot some boxes and I'm eager to take a look on what's inside, but I refuse. What If they hear me? No, I can't risk it now, I'm too far in ... I proceed to baby crawl under the windows and walk to the stairs without the elevator, so I have clear vision on all 3 floors. I walk past the first floor, no one. Second floor, again, no one, up to the third, where I see a small shadow increase in size after I walked through the doorway. I stop, and scan for a quick moment around me, making sure there's still no one tailing me. I stalk the shadow. It stopped increasing in size, it's standing still ... My hunters instinct says that if I peak now, I might as well pull the pin on the grenade and run towards my enemy ...

The shadow starts to decrease in size and without a doubt I creep around the corner, up to the soldier. I'm a mere 2 meters away from him as he stops. I'm standing there, in the mids of the hallway in full light, exposed to anything and anyone, frightened how he will turn around but he continues to walk further. He goes around the corner and that's green light for me. As I cross the corner I, within a millisecond, realise he was not the only one on the floor. I raise my vintorez and aim at the desk where the documents are in ... No one? Isn't this supposed to be the place where the commandant patrols? Hmm ... vague, I think. I sneak up to the desk and grab the documents. I creep up to the entrance again, waiting in the shadows for the soldier to walk past me. I hear his boots hit the concrete floor ... 1 step .. 2 steps ... 3 ... aandd .... go! I quickly turn around the corner and wait there for a split second. Once behind the green wooden crate I lean and look if he's heard or spotted me ... no. Not a clue. Not a clue about what I just did, or that I have the opportunity to unite the insides of his brain with the wall 3 meters in front of him .. it felt so overwhelming. I lowered my VSS and went to the roof.

I hid under the small ceiling which was about to safe my life. As I stepped outside I heard choppers approach the area. I quickly hid under the small cover their provided. I waited until they flew away, only to climb over the edge and grab both sides of a ladder leading all the way down, to the side of the building where I initially entered. It seemed like the ladder ended somewhat 2,5 m above the ground, so I would have to hang to the last piece to let myself fall for the remaining 70/80 cm or so. I also had to take the patrolling soldier into mind ..

As I descended the ladder, I grabbed a bolt. I climbed down in hope he would not see me. It was still in the mids of the night, but the moon was reflecting in my headmask. I was a sitting duck. I climbed down till I could stalk through the broken windows on the back of the compartment. I saw him walking away from me so I put the bolt in my pocket again. No need for waisting one, for now. I climbed down and let myself fall, not to loose balance and make any noise. I quickly sprinted across so the patrolling soldiers would not be able to spot me and I hid inside a garage with 2 BTR's in them. I changed into my ghillied clothing and dropped my raincoat. I also grabbed some grass and branches and decorated my backpack with them. I found an exit near a fallen piece of the wall near the main entrance. As I crawled, I heard a cough and looked up, to see a soldier looking forward into the nothing, trying to hide from the rain in his watch tower. He'll not spot me, as I exit the compound. I didn't know I was doing it, but in the back of my head I noticed it ... I was smiling. I did it. Well, I still had some obstacles to overcome, but I did it. I didn't harm anyone and neither did I get spotted.

I walked over the hills so the remaining soldiers wouldn't be able to spot me. I walked all the way to the fence and followed it. Initially, I wanted to return to mole. I planned to follow the fence to the entrance of Agroprom but something catched my eye ... a vague ... glow? Not just one ... more. Like 3, or 4. I looked through the scope of my VSS to see how the zone granted me her gifts, her magnificent and worth-giving-life-for gifts ...

Yes, I thought to myself. I did it. I walked down but remembered I was not alone. I reloaded my VSS with 20 9x39mm FMJ's and popped the 3 boars sleeping in cover near a fallen tree. I take out my bolt and detector, and see some small moving objects. 2 of these had a recognisable orange glow while ... the other one ... it was .. light, it got my eye. I collected the 2 stone flowers and walked up to the light. To my amazement ... I finally found a day star. In contradiction with the night star, this artefact had no radiation hazards bound to it, neither does it have any other negative effect. I took my PDA and searched in the pdf documents I got from the scientist for it's info. Yes, this was a day star, also known as "Светящийся камень" for the locals, which means ''Glowing Stone''.

"Because of the gravitational 'push' the artefact creates bullets are likely to completely change trajectory and go around the artefact. Once attached to the belt, the artefact will not only deflect incoming fire, but it will also grant the user protection from both electrical and chemical substances which are likely to be found in the zone. Combining this artefact with any other may result in a loss of all of these aspects - Base price for 1; 67.500 RU"

This artefact was worth a lot of money, but still. It's my reward for my decisions, so I wont sell it. I continued to follow the fence and saw shadows move upon the hills in front of me. Military. Why were they sending in reinforcements? Did anyone see me? Or tip me off? I hide in the back of a truck and cut with my knife a small tear into the fabric of the truck. I stalk them as they move by. I wont harm them either, I'm in a good mood today. I check the time, 2:32 am ... I'm sleepy, but again aware of the dangers of the zone. I exit the back of the truck and quickly move to the tunnel filled with anomalies. I move along the path to avoid all anomalies, I practically know how to walk since I've tried it many times and find rest near a campfire I made in the back of the tunnel ...

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Sep 19 2013 Anchor

Good story LoNer, you will be in demand for your story telling abilities now :)

Sep 19 2013 Anchor

Ha, got to agree :D Must have been a good amount of work, judging from all the letters 'n' words :P

Sep 19 2013 Anchor

Yeah a PM box full of requests for more stories :D

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