Fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city to save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident that changed most of the city's population into mindless brain hungry monsters. Time is the enemy and your car is a weapon as you race through the streets smashing everything on your way including fences, phone booths, street lamps and hordes of zombies. If you get tired of rescuing people, take part in the Blood Race tournament. Chase other cars and take them down without mercy on special racing tracks populated with the zombie horde. Earn loads of cash while you progress through the events, unlock new rides and purchase weapons of mass destruction to become the ultimate Blood Race leaderboard champion. If the car chases and speed runs are not your thing, jump into the Slaugher mode where your objective is to survive as long as possible while ramping up enormous kill combos and annihilating endless waves of zombies on specialy crafted arenas.

PenultimatePanda says

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There is just not enough here to keep this game to keep it interesting and this is coming from someone who loves running.
Even after 5 minutes everything becomes overly repetitive.
Not much else to say about it I would certainly suggest one of best of Sega Genesis collections over this for something cheap with quick pick up arcade style gaming.

2/10 for me but I might change that to a 3 and I wouldn't shun a friend of mine with they went as high as a 4/10.

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Nice but only to play 15 minutes from while to while. In bigger doses it become very boring.

Nov 29 2010 by Vizard