Blood shall reign''' The battle for your life has begun''' Picture intense multiplayer action from the likes of Rune, Quake and Unreal, smothered in a dark, gritty medievil world of blood and splendour , captivated by the same 2-D magic as soldat' All this wrapped into one, and you get something close to ZEAL, an intense single and multiplayer 2D action romp, with all the blood, death and destruction' It's all out war, join the carnage''' Features : Full out 2D action set in a unique Fantasy/Medievil Realm' Different Character Classes which add advantages and weaknesses to the multiplayer aspect of the game' Wide array of weaponary All the chaos you would expect from Soldat, without the guns Customisable characters Different types of Mulitplayer-Play - Last Man Standing - One-on-one Dueling - Usable Siege weaonary ~Sparrow (Project Leader)

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Hey everyone!

This modification has been in the process of development for over 5 years now. This project started off as an attempt for myself to learn the different fields required to code and create games , from modelling,sound and graphic animation, as I have always had a keen interest in creating my own "piece of gaming art" but have hardly had the nessessary time to do so. I have totally scraped and re-worked the game ideas created when this project was still "Battle-Lore :Battalion Splendour" (which did pretty well recieving over 3000 profile views) and have created a totally fresh and new gaming concept which I am now excited to call "ZEAL". This is currently still a one man project (As it has always been) and I work on it slowly but surely,whenever I get the little free time I have. Because I am working on everything mostely myself, development is much slower,but this does not contradict the fact that updates cannot happen often, as they will. Like everyone should have in the gaming world is that , quality is always better than quantity , and am proud to say that this modification project will be nothing short of overall quality and polish. In the next few days I am going to update this front page with the gaming concepts and what to expect in this modificaion. Thank you very much for your time and showing interest in my game!

~Sparrow (Project Leader)

New Concept Art Released!

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Hey there everyone , I would just like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated concept artists for these new wonderful pieces of art for the upcoming...


yo dude. y wont u just let us play the mod for a while?

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Sparrow Creator

Hey everyone! Hope you guys will find this mod interesting as we will strive to create a most addictive and fun game! Check back soon!

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