"Z Warrior Chronicles" is an independent project being worked on by Xatoku based off of the popular Dragonball Z franchise by Akira Toriyama. This project has been going since early April 2011, and has gone through many revisions along the way, but the story elements are now being worked on and progress is booming. The aim of this project is to emulate the Dragonball Z world in an Action/RPG type scenario,and tell the story of the Z Fighters as best it can. The gameplay is best described as a combination of Legacy of Goku 2 & Dragonball Z Sagas on the GBA & PS2 respectively, along with a ton of Anime inspired gameplay elements as well. Production is naturally at a slow but steady pace due to the development team being only me, but I've invested all of my free time into this project and have no intention on stopping any time soon.

Report RSS Journal #13: Speeding Things Up

Did some quick remodels, and Goku's House is finally mapped out.

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So if there's any confusion as to when I am actually going to start the story, let me explain a few things.



I'm remodeling Piccolo & Goku because when I started the cut-scene between Goku & Chi-Chi, they looked very different. One, Goku was just not up to speed. People say that it's one of my better models, but I'm confident that the animation is tricking them into believing it. It was shit. There were no folds, and the face was a flat image which couldn't be morphed as I plan on doing in the future.

Just because I've been posting model pics, doesn't mean that those are all I'm working on though. There have been some gameplay changes and I've finished the entire map of Goku & Gohan's house, so I'm definitely being as productive as possible.

With the new modeling format, Piccolo & Goku have been reduced by 2000 polies. And quite frankly, they look better. Some of you may not like the chibi style, but it looks so much better when the models are animating and in motion together because they look like they aren't two different artists who are making them - just me.

That's another thing I wanted to point out. Throughout my models, I've been trying to develop a style of a sort, and with the new style shown in Chi-Chi, Goku, and Piccolo, I think I've achieved that. It's a mix of my own ZWC palette and techniques combined with some Super DBZ inspired elements. It looks great to me, and it's exactly what I've been going for. So to all the hates, go play ESF/ZEQ2. I hear they're "fun."

Another thing. Why have I not been using bipeds all of this time? They are so much more fluent in their animation, and all of their anims are transferable. I'm still getting used to them, but expect some major improvements in the animation department for the next release.

At this point I'm just trying to make everything universally smooth enough so that I can go between the different jobs required to complete this bastard with ease. Because Unity doesn't have a built-in cut-scene editor, I really have to figure out how I'll be doing the required camera movements and techniques I'm going for, while keeping them relative to the gameplay. It's a tricky balance, but the crap-tons of time I'm taking right now to figure all this out is ultimately weeks and months I'll be saving in the future.

If you couldn't guess, Kiurimaru's post is what pushed me to writing this. Just remember, I'm one person. I'm doing the best that I can, and though I'm not looking for pity, it's important to keep in mind that I'm not a god. ZWC will be finished, that is a promise. But don't forget that the longer it takes, the faster it will come.


okk i understand

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Nobody is telling u to finish as fast as u can. Take your time. U know about the saying, slow and steady wins the race. And btw do not get offended about the macaronie comment cus I only made it to cheer u up and make u laugh a bit. I am really sorry about your dog. R.I.P

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