In Yume Nikki (Dream Diary), you're cast as a young girl living in a small apartment. There is very little to do in your room, but fall asleep and an entire dream world is yours to explore.

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Probably one of my favorite RPGMaker games ever and I really love the amazing techniques in this game (e.g. the exploration, the music, the level-design, etc.). There is so much to explore in this game, and because of the awesome gameplay, this is one of my favorite games ever! Play this, as you will not regret it!

I can't pretend not to be scared, I haven't beat this game yet but there is so much to explore and find!

Simply the best game of its pretty unique genre. Highly recommended to those who want to try something new and fresh. Thanks for that neat game, Kikiyama!


Yume Nikki is pretty neat and unique game! The old fashioned graphics mixed with drawings give it a unique atmosphere. The sound and music is very atmospheric as well. Not many scares, but when the scares show it can be really creepy and disturbing. It's a really neat game so go ahead check this out! :D


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