# Indie game! # # Fantasy Action Puzzle! # Puzzle + Adventure + Magic + Action. The Goblins stole the treasure Capon. The wicked Yogle are going to use the Capon. Capon friends will regain the magic treasure. Help your hero friends and wizards to venture out! Play against monsters that guard your treasure! Cast out exciting and wonderful magic! # Easy and flexible puzzle # Collect 4 or more gems of magic. Cast a powerful magic with a continuous combo! Protect your friends from their magic Meet our friends to help us Who is this conspiracy?

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The green goblins steal the magic treasures of the Capon Village. The heroes of Capon try to regain their treasure but lose treasure in the dragon's flame to help the goblins.
You should take adventures to regain the magic treasure.
The Heroes will help you find the goblins with their sensitive noses.

You are a wizard of Capon. You have to defeat the monsters that guard the treasure by casting magic.
Link the treasures, the spell is cast.
Retrieve treasure, cast new spells.

Why did the goblin steal the treasure?
Why did the enemies steal the treasures?
What secret is there?

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