Wrath of Kazrah is an RPG made using RPG Maker VX Ace. It starts of with a demon attacking the starting village, and you are set on a quest to find out why the demons are back, and destroy their leader; Kazrah. The game is currently in early alpha. And will be changed alot when time passes. The game will be featuring side quests, NPC's that you can talk with, Shops, Inn's, Pub's, Castles, and much much more! My goal with the game is to make it as much fun as possible, by giving you the freedom to not only do the main quest/story, but also do side quests/stories, finding easter eggs, hidden rooms, joining guilds of the same class as you choose. There are so much that will be added to the game once it's done, but for now it'll only contain main quest/story and a few other things, such as hidden rooms, a few side stories and quests.

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Stuff that has been added

-More easter eggs
-More towns
-More shops and houses that you can enter
-Continuation of story
-New class; Rogue
-Class guilds
-More spells and attacks

Along with some other secrets. If you'd like to see anything else in the game, please let me know.
I'm working really hard on getting the game out there in public, so sharing on twitter, facebook, whatever, really helps me out!

Things to be added

Things to be added


Patch notes for alpha v1.2 that will be added at the end of this month.

Things to be added

Things to be added


Patch notes for alpha v1.2 that will be added at the end of this month.

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Wrath of Kazrah Alpha v1.1

Wrath of Kazrah Alpha v1.1


This is the second alpha version of Wrath of Kazrah, there will be bugs as it is very early alpha. To play the game, simply extract it to where ever you...


I have played the game and can tell you that it is a great game for where it is at. keep up with this game and support it so we can have the full version some day soon

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Fumbledore Creator

Thank you kind sir! I'm working on fixing bugs for the current patch, aswell as adding a few things. Maybe if I get it finished soon I'll upload it before the next major patch which will be released at the end of this month.

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