The arcade-style FPS returns! Wrack is an arcade-style FPS that draws inspiration from classic games across multiple genres -- Doom, Contra, Mega Man, etc. -- that puts its own unique spin on things! Between its fun and unique gameplay, its vibrant cel-shading, and its compelling characters, Wrack strives to be a modern day classic! Play as Kain Sager - the one man prepared for a crisis in a utopian future. Battle your way past hordes of monsters, traps, and bosses as you single-handedly take down an invading alien empire, and save mankind from certain doom!

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A great game that brings back to the memory of my childhood, from playing fast paced FPSes like Unreal and the tournament games, Quake 1, 2, and 3, Marathon, DOOM, and many other FPS from the 90s to early 2000s.

This game has a lot potential, from the run and gun gameplay that the games I mentioned had to the modding and creating maps to build a bigger community. The developers and community are very nice people as well, giving constructive feedback on your maps and helping you to hone your skills on mapping.

Calling it a DOOM clone, huh? I'd say, it's got the feel of DOOM, but some things are compared to DOOM and compared to other clasic FPSes, the character is at blistering speeds like the Doomguy, It's a bit like Duke Nukem in terms of story, but the reason is actually different and I will get into that the next paragraph. Scoring and lives in the game were in Wolfenstein 3D. The Pulsar is somewhat unique to the game, for me at least, despite being it like the plasma gun from DOOM, but you must shoot upwards for a greater distance. Yes, I know all this because I've played all these games throughout my gaming life. So let's say it's a game mixed together with many of the 90s FPS games taken into the modern 3D world.

The story is a... Well, expecting from a FPS, a alien invasion. But those are cool, no bad sayings. They do have a reason on invading Earth, they want the machine that now keeps humanity alive. Kind of like a life support machine since by that timeline of the game, since before the events, the machine made Earth a peaceful planet.

This game is so great that I suggest you guys get it!

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An old-school, cell-shaded game with style and lots of fun.

Nov 24 2012 by BaronVonBullshit029