World's End is still in Alpha. We are allowing an open Alpha for anyone to come on and see what progress has been made and play what parts of World's End is available to the public. We are also taking any and all suggestions through our forums.

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2/11/2014 Update



  • The Chicken God has appeared in Ossiconia! Along with 10 different types of drops from him if you can manage to kill him.
  • Chicken Gods drops have been fixed.
  • A new type of bandit has appeared in Ossiconia!
  • Most NPCs have junk drops(Drops meant for selling) and some drops that will be used as a crafting resource further in game development now.
  • Warrior, Blood Knight, Mercenary, assassin, archer, and blood archer classes all have skills/spells that are usable.

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The World's End Client that allow you access into the game.

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